Gilberto Cavallini’s black (blue) Milan

From the Boys SAN of Inter to the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari.

It is the morning of June 23, 1980, when a motorcycle with a large engine and two men on board makes its way through the capital’s hectic traffic between Viale Jonio and Via Monte Rocchetta. One of the two gets out of the vehicle, slowly takes out a .38 caliber rifle from the side pocket of his dark bomber jacket and walks with a determined step towards the adjacent bus stop. The target is a state representative, Mario Amato, a judge who is leading a controversial and shocking investigation into the subversive world of the Roman far right. The young man approaches, puts his index finger on the trigger and Point the gun at the back of the victim’s head, anxious to wait for the vehicle to arrive. A violent blow, then blood splatters and pieces of skull and brain everywhere, amid the screams of passers-by.

“Today Judge Amato ended his miserable existence, replete with lead». [1]

The murderer runs towards the motorcycle as it speeds away and loses sight of him. Then his identity is discovered: that’s what it’s all about Gilberto Cavallini, refugee and former founder of the Boys SAN in 1969, historic ultras group from Inters Curva Nord. That of Cavallini, born in Milan in 1952, is the story of a courageous and violent generation, divided into universes and acronyms of different colors and political philosophy, but united by armed and bloodstained hands.

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