Supporting the fans in Sassuolo before and after Mapei

A detailed look at the Neroverde fans.

It is January 15, 2023 and Sassuolo hosts Lazio. The Biancocelesti won by two goals and at the end of the game the black and green fans protested, having already displayed a rather eloquent banner during the game: “Profit is your passion.” Result? Another disappointment.” Something like this is a rare occurrence in these parts dispute.

It goes so far as to bring out the slight irony of football fans on social media one tweet and one night (“Ah, why does Sassuolo even have fans now?”) and in the national media Analyzes exclusively on the pitch (“too many defeats, crisis in the game, project going downhill”). In both cases, the (same and opposite) reactions to the event miss the point: Who are the Sassuolo fans? or better, Who were the Sassuolo fans? before the advent of Mapei?

A photo testimonial of a young, beautiful, carefree fan (1990s)

To answer a similar question, one must examine with seriousness and a critical spirit a place that, despite itself, has experienced the historic promotion to Serie A (2013). The truth, as we will see, is that it wasn't just Sassuolo that had one her Fans – perhaps not very numerous given the club's “provincial” stature, but notable nonetheless – but that the same fans – leaving the Mapei Stadium today – have never seen the occupation of the stadium in a positive way it was the Giglio Stadium (renamed since 2012 City of the Tricolor) belongs to Reggiana from the company Neroverde. Let's talk about a stadium, it is read on the official website of the Amaranth Club, “about its construction [contribuirono nel 1995] the Amaranth fans thanks to the subscription of 1,026 multi-year season tickets, [rappresentando] the first case of a football facility owned by the city club in Italy.”

As he wrote Gabriele Boscagli in May 2022: “Can Sassuolo's management of this event be described as disastrous?” We really believe so.” In this specific case, Boscagli was referring to the management of the tickets sold by the Neroverde club for the Sassuolo-Milan match, a match that in which the Rossoneri fans were spread across the entire facility, even in the Sasol Neroverde corner. A possibility long foreseen by the home fans who raised the banner at the end of the first half:

«An exceptional scenario!? This stadium is a humiliation.

In the same article, Boscagli therefore denounced the mistakes of a club that, on the one hand, allowed Sassuolo to stabilize in Serie A – the club has not dropped to Serie B since 2013 and, in fact, has historic qualification for the Europa League reached in 2016 – on the other hand, it has practically destroyed any connection with the fan […]

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