Allegri's Juventus has stopped time

Can stop time.

It is cold. It is Tuesday. By some mysterious coincidence, you and your friends are all present and that hasn't happened in a century. You look at each other. You understand. The start to the week was terrible and there is an urgent need to organize a last minute aperitif. Yes but where? Everything is closed and driving to the center is out of the question. Think, think and think some more. Then the lighting.

You could come over Hellosomeone suggests. Hello, repeats again quietly. You find yourself in a circle and without realizing it, you repeat his name one after the other. Doubts disappear, memories come back. Lello is here forever. He served you the first beers of your life. He saw you drunk for the first time and almost put you in the hospital on New Year's Eve 10 years ago. Lello has always been there, with its dust under the counter and the rancid smell of stale bacon that may never have actually been smoked.

You enter by asking permission and in return you immediately receive a handful of insults from scattered directions. Lello snorts and wipes his hands on his ever-present salmon pink polo shirt, as usual. He combs his mustache and swears without much conviction. He looks at you with a slight indifference, with the fatherly compassion of a man who knows he was born into the world to serve beer, not to judge. The first sip of blonde makes you stop time and ask for a break from everyday life. Worries disappear, responsibilities are thinned out. You are free like you have never been in your life.

You're young, maybe It will never happen again.

You look up and see black and white jerseys moving on a green lawn on the Sony monitor above the counter, your pupils dilated. And on the left it clearly says: JUV-SAS. The camera focuses Happy, elegant and angry like in old times. Juventus doesn't shine, but it is solid and successful. like in old times. And you're all drunk and happy together, like in old times. You studied, graduated and traveled around the world. You got lost and chased chimeras that were too far away from you. And then you found yourself standing right in front of the house on a cold Tuesday evening in January. Lello's bar like Juventus Allegri. Because sometimes there's nothing better to look into yourself than to jealously anchor yourself in the past.

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