Saudi Arabia, online ads for minor leagues

Do you want to earn €3,000 a month to play football? In Saudi Arabia you can send your CV!

While the entire reign of Mohamed Bin Salman tries to bring home Victor Osimhen, a jewel that would become the symbol of the championship, the Saudis live in a situation that borders on the grotesque. Let's tell the truth. Luckily for us, romantic owls entrenched in football, free of xG, Tiktoker and other diabolical inventions of that terrible era, the Saudi Premier League is struggling to take off. Many champions or former presumed champions, as described above, regret the decision made in the summer and The rumors that one or two teams wanted to play in the new Champions League format have faded and been lost in the Nejed desert. The ridiculous paradox is that we have gone from CR7 and Milinkovic-Savic to honest fourth-string peddlers.

He writes brandin the article by Joel Del Rio, the “The Saudis want to change the established order while trying to make their football equal to that of the five major world powers.”. This could also be seen as a step forward in building a football culture (which we can describe as limited) and creating a pyramid scheme to help young aspiring footballers grow. Little problem: Here we are in Saudi Arabia, where everything has a price and money helps buy everything. Even smaller series (which we cannot even imagine in terms of level and quality) are full of fifth-rate Europeans. Everything for “build a base”.

The essence is this. I want to get promoted in football, but I don't have any young players. In order to create a promotion and relegation structure, I can only import workers from abroad. Just that In this case we are not talking about underpaid Pakistanis whose documents were confiscated to avoid returning home. In this specific case, these are offers of a permanent position in the third league and a decent salary: between 3,000 and 4,000 euros plus house.

In short, a kind of candidacy. Wanted: Striker – left winger for a Serie C club. Submit your CV and you will be contacted. Explains Valentín Botella Nicolás, CEO of FutbolJobs. “We have been receiving numerous offers of all categories and levels from Arabia for several months. This offer started in June and went viral a few weeks later. The feedback we received was overwhelming. There were thousands of daily interactions via email, social media and WhatsApp requesting information on this topic.” If you thought the ball had hit rock bottom, you were just a hopeless romantic.

News from Giovanni Guido.

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