Lukaku and Donnarumma: Laughter will bury you

Not all betrayals are the same. In life we ​​betray ourselves out of boredom, out of fun, out of tiredness, out of curiosity, out of revenge, out of interest, out of impulse. In addition to the various reasons, there are other factors that complicate the matter. As For example, you cheated: Did you do it openly and defiantly? Have you been caught red-handed while you thought you could get away with it? Did you confess? Did you deny everything to the last? Have you regretted it? Was it a long or spontaneous affair? What were you looking for? Reassurances, certainties, thrills you no longer had?

Then it is also important with who Have you cheated: with a stranger or a stranger? With your best friend’s partner? Etc. Every story is uniquein a kaleidoscope of micro-nuances that do not change the one certain fact: whoever is cheated on always feels this mixture of annoyance, pain, rage and disbelief that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The fans’ relationship with their team and their players is pure passionate.

The Saudis won’t understand this even in a hundred years (even in two hundred years, let’s exaggerate a little, like they do with salaries). But there’s no point in explaining it to him. From Mazzola to Rivera, from Riva to Antognoni, from Totti to Maldini, from Zanetti to Del Piero, just to stay in Italy, football could offer romantic and monogamous stories, in which the protagonists lived together happily ever after despite thousands of temptations. Footballers and fans promised each other eternal love. And that’s how it was. But statistically, as we know, these perfect relationships are in the minority. He gives himself away. Very. And more and more. With Tinder or with the transfer market.

By a strange twist of fate (not even a package of algorithms, astrologers and artificial intelligence could have come up with anything better), within a week Milan will be the stage on which… Two traitors will appear (at least from the fans’ perspective) to face the gaze of 75,000 people who feel betrayed.

October 29, Inter-Roma: Lukaku returns to San Siro. November 7th, Milan-PSG: Donnarumma returns to San Siro. Wow.

Two personalities and two radically different events. One is the attacker, the other is the goalkeeper. One is black, the other is white. One is Belgian, the other Italian. One changed several shirts, the other was a product of the academy. One left two months ago, the other two years ago. One was willing to earn less, the other wanted to earn more. One is at the end of the career, the other in the middle part of the career. One cheated by staying here, the other cheated by moving abroad.

The famous 75,000 (physical representatives of the other million Nerazzurri and Rossoneri) still feel hurt by both. And they are waiting for her. Lets see what happens. Yes, what will happen? Shortly after the calendars were published, he became furious the debate about reception will be given. The angriest cited as an example the one dedicated to Luis Figo in 2000, when the Portuguese appeared for the first time in the Real Madrid jersey at the Camp Nou. It was such a crazy thing that Netflix made a movie about it documentation recently published.

We therefore have to expect the usual barrage Screams, whistles, insults, insults, threats, spitting, more or less aggressive banners? The hypothesis is highly probable – certainly in the case of Lukaku, for whom the Nerazzurri curve has already mobilized to distribute 30,000 whistles in the stadium. The most controlled people suggest taking refuge in indifference through cold silence. But passion is passion, it is difficult to suppress it.

Is it possible that these are just two ways to express one’s contempt? There is no alternative key, perhaps surprising? Maybe not. Or maybe yes.

There is a phrase that is difficult to attribute to fatherhood, which emerged as an anarchist motto of the 19th century and was then taken up by the movements of 1968 and 1977: “Laughter will bury you”. Sarcasm is used as an offensive weapon against power. Or, as in this case, to make amends for an injustice suffered. A betrayal indeed. Let’s imagine this scene then.

Lukaku and Donnarumma enter the pitch. From that moment on, her every action, from the most basic to the most significant, is accompanied by huge and intentionally deafening laughter. Ball touched by Lukaku? 75,000 laugh. Ball touched by Donnarumma? 75,000 laugh. So for the whole game. The effect would be disturbing, as the two have undoubtedly prepared themselves to endure hostility and portray themselves as evil enemies (an obvious scenario). But not to make yourself so blatantly ridiculous. What would be worse for them? The debate is open.

On closer inspection, the strange solution has even more advantages. Firstly, it is neither violent nor vulgar. Then it is also convenient for spectators. If we go by the statistical observation that a player touches the ball for less than 3 minutes (time to laugh), that leaves 87 players to enjoy the rest. But the real bonus for the betrayed fans would be something different. Much more inviting. In fact, such a situation would arise immediately increasingly at the media level: social media, television, Italian and foreign newspapers…it would be talked about everywhere. And the various videos uploaded here and there would become a testimony for eternity.

Lukaku and Donnarumma would no longer be remembered as the usual mercenaries, but as the ones who one day made an entire stadium and an entire city laugh. Quite a sentence, isn’t it?

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