Japanese cheer between imitation and tradition

How to customize the stadium model in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Certainly one word cannot be enough to summarize a diverse environment such as that of cheering, especially in a country with such a special history and culture as Japan; However, it can at least provide us with a starting point, a starting point to introduce a perspective that opens the field for further investigation. GlocalizationThat means adapt foreign stimuli and combine them with local characters, therefore represents the first step to immerse yourself in the reality of Japanese football, with a view of the pitch but above all the stands. A term coined right under the rising sun in the 80s. Dochakukato demonstrate the approach that multinational companies take to adapt offerings to the specific characteristics of new markets.

In the football universe, this dynamic has been translated by fans into a fusion of impulses from abroad, favored by the spread of the media, and local elements, to create a mixed but original culture; A process that has benefited over the last thirty years from a push not only “from above” but also from the institutions a commitment developed from below. A synthesis that has allowed local realities or individual fan groups to explore and develop their own distinctive identity.

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