Marseille: The Ultras against Longoria, there is chaos

Let’s try to reconstruct a week that was complicated for OM, to say the least.

There are things you can’t buy, one famous advert exclaimed. One of them seems to be the love of fans for a football club. Not because of the name and its history, its colors and its belonging to the country, mind you, but because of the society, because of this at a certain point in time Control these colors, this history, this name and this land with the law of mammon. Apart from the fact that the management changes in Marseille, so do the coaches (21 in the 21st century alone, the highest number in Ligue 1 in this period) and The fans remain at war with the clubrepresented today by the very young President Longoria.

In France we have been wondering for at least a week about the causes of this crisis, which is becoming increasingly uncontrollable. At least that was the case with Marcelino, the coach hired after Tudor’s departure – cleaned after one season – after just five championship days. The motives? According to an exclusive report from RMC Sports, Marcelino would have resigned before Marseille-Toulouse (0-0, September 17th). his resignation would have been rejected by the patron Longoria.

After the meeting on Monday September 19th with the most representative faces of the Marseille Ultras movement, Marcelino and the staff would have welcomed everyone with “missing[va]No conditions to move forward and work peacefully». Two days later, an official statement from OM cleared the clouds of national gossip, but at the same time reignited the case 24 hours before the French team’s European debut against Ajax:

“The danger of war [sic] was launched on Monday by the associations of OM supporters against the management. The OM management cannot accept personal threats. Members cannot tolerate personal attacks or any form of public defamation. A relationship based on intimidation cannot guarantee minimum acceptable conditions for the club’s management to continue investing in the transformation of OM.” It is a statement with harsh and decisive tones, but For liberation (Did you understand the French!?) It is “a relatively timid defense.” […]

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