It is Lazio that chooses you. 124 years of love

124 years of joy, suffering and a sense of belonging.

Olympic Games in Athens 1896, heroic resistance on the heights of Tigrai and defeat at Adua: this is the curriculum that the Roman Bersagliere, Luigi BigiarelliHe has just 25 years behind him. Then the words of revenge that he uttered on that January afternoon in 1900, almost without thinking of the consequences, can be easily explained:

“Let's do it we, society“.

Luigi sits on the stairs that lead from the banks of the Tiber to the Ponte Margherita, surrounded by his brother and his friends. The boys play a marginal role in the infinite humanity that lives on the banks of the river from Ponte Margherita to the port of Ripetta. They are part of the people, a people confined to mat huts, far removed from the circles reserved for the aristocracy of wealth, nobility and culture, who find their livelihood in swimming and running. In their hut, overlooked to their right Freedom Squarethese young men discuss and dream.

Their goal is to be able to take part in the games on April 21st for the inauguration of the monument to Carlo Alberto in Via XX Settembre. The prerequisite for participation is registration with a club. Hence Bigiarelli's crazy idea: what if it was the carefree teenager without a penny in his pocket who founded it? His suggestion comes […]

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