Semper Fidelis, even if Andria is in Serie D

The love of Andria fans knows no relegation.

For the last game of the Serie C championship they had left Andria about 800 fans at the same time in Latina (nearly 450 kilometers away) in support of Fidelis on the Pontine Field. An exodus featuring characters from far superior categories than those typically found in the third series. Andria entered Lazio’s field from second to bottom to reach the playouts to stay in C. The away game was preceded by a pre-game fever that had swept through the city during the week, the culmination of two months of pure love: On March 4 Andria was 5 points from the minimum play-off threshold but had a frantic run-up the Biancazzurri won 12 points in 7 games, set at +3 against Viterbese last and reached the final game with fate in hand.

If this was possible, then also and above all thanks to a high profile audience, who had pushed the team both in numbers and in pace home and away: just under 3,000 at home against Turris, 250 on the pitch at Castellammare di Stabia, just under 4,000 at home against Avellino, to name just the latest challenges. Between slogans, participation in old glories both in video and on the field (among other things, the welcome of Papadopulo and the presence of Petrachi at the “Degli Ulivi” against Avellino) and a lot of passion, Andria approached the final challenge of the regular season it is preferably.

During the game at the “Francioni” in Latina, the support of the fans was uninterrupted and very colorful: between scarves, flags and various banners, the people of Andria, accompanied by the twin brothers from Barletta, supported their team, also asserting themselves as guests. It continued after 7 minutes, Cudini’s boys had to hang up after just as many minutes. All under control until game time, when the freezing chill hit with Carissoni’s goal: have the contemporary victories of Viterbese and Monterosi sentenced Fidelis in last place in the overall standings and the resulting relegation to Serie D.

The verdict on amateurism comes after two years of ordeal, during which Andria was constantly stationed in the slums of the table, collecting coaches, sporting directors and executives in various capacities as figurines. When there was confusion in the corporate sector, it was always Frederick’s supporters (so-called because heirs to the historical tradition of Frederick II of Swabia, who had the wonderful Castel del Monte built here). determined and vigorous in their supportthe moments of great show in the stands and great maturity from them, always backed up with that pinch of student spirit that never hurts.

Supporters who are particularly socially committed are in the first row when it comes to supporting voluntary associations and personal help in action, the Andria fans are a reality thatdespite the vicissitudes of the field, it does not retreat, remain a historical and relevant group. Also, he transmits in his name the motto inherited from a millenary tradition born from the emperor who was stupor mundi: semper Fidelis.

COVER PHOTO: Vincent Fasanella

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