Juventus-Naples, Eupalla said Naples

A victory that certifies a historic season.

Giacomino Raspadori’s goal in the 93rd minute of the Juventus-Napoli match was so bright that it echoed around the stadium a few seconds later. Of course it was a flash over Turin. And it was pouring rain, falling on the tired faces of the twenty-two protagonists. But the case in football does not exist. Call it fate or rather Eupellawhy on The Championship would have written memorable pages for Gianni Brera. And indeed, if you search the Serie A archives, you will notice it another Juventus vs Napoli 0-1, from five years ago. do you remember this game Kalidou Koulibaly’s leap, Maurizio Sarri’s barely hinted smile, the jubilation of the Napoli fans, which a few weeks later would turn to sadness with no possible return.

Instead, salvation has finally arrived. This time up front, as perhaps only Sergio Leone or David Lynch would have dared to write. Football is a sports drama with uncertain plots and yesterday’s game proved that once again. Also because Juventus played well, as Max Allegri told Sky Sport, “one of the best games of the year”. Apparently lost, almost due to a perverse act of retaliation for the prophet of ‘plain football’. Short-nosed tooif we want to add more details to the story.

If in the first leg Allegri’s Juve had been torn apart by the violent beauty of Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen, in the second leg it was just another game. Napoli, still cold after losing the Champions League, came on from the start difficult moment of his season. Juventus Turin, on the other hand, moved up to third place in the table after the (temporary) lifting of the penalty for capital gains. The defeat of Lazio Rome on Saturday against Turin therefore meant in the event of a win against the Neapolitans second place. Sci-Fi stuff, except westerns. But then butts, pistols and pole fights flew across the field. Like Gatti on Kvara, which has mysteriously escaped the referee’s eyes – and its technological extension, the VAR.

Juventus played a manly game, but perhaps too much. In some moments she seemed almost confusing, unkempt, not very clairvoyant anyway. Of course, the away game in Lisbon must have counted for something in that sense. But more mental than physical, if it’s true that Allegri’s side were often aggressive, defense up and chest out. Napoli played their usual game, consisting of phrasing, high quality but also little danger from Szczesny’s side, almost never engaged, until Victor Osimhen scored a low exit thirty seconds before Raspadori’s goal. The former Sassuolo’s left-footed shot went under the legs of the Polish goalkeeper while Fagioli watched as he sauntered amiably along the edge of the box.

Destiny, or rather Eupalla, said Naples. Azzurri fans deserve an ending like this. After what happened in the Champions League, where disappointment almost seemed to curb the way in Italy and Europe until that moment. But even after what happened five years ago, with Sarri as a coach. Winning the Scudetto in Turin, or rather gaining credibility, means an apotheosis for Napoli and its fans lonely and final. Not sadas someone had hoped after the double crash with Milan under the European skies.

Napoli won one historical championshipand he deserved it by playing wonderful and believable football from start to finish.

Not only that, but determined and mean, as Paolo Di Canio said in comparison yesterday at the club The Naples even to Milan – just as pretentious – by Sacchi. The real miracle of Spalletti and his followers was to turn the weak, accursed and superstitious city that characterizes Naples and the Neapolitans into a strong, blessed and almost atheistic city, rebelling even against its own physiognomy. Even the dream in the heartbecause Naples And real champion again.

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