The fans of the future will buy balls with NFTs

Owning the moment (of the goal) comes at a high cost.

The challenge of the Coppa Italia first leg between Juventus and Inter will surely be remembered for recent controversy, including the aftermath in the days that followed; but a very special picture of the night came after Juan Cuadrado scored from a momentary advantage. Indeed, a representative of Lega Serie A after the Colombian’s goal he picked up the balloon and handed it to a young lady who, with a black canvas bag in hand, held the sphere ready to offer for sale. where will you say Obviously on Socios.comone of the main sites for selling fan tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Become one too nerdy collector!

How do you become a collector? The process is seemingly simple. As soon as a goal is scored, the ball is ‘grabbed’ by a manager and then marked with a chip which will authenticate the veracity of the same. The ball is now ready for auction, but beware: not everyone is guaranteed the opportunity to participate. Only those who own a certain number of fan tokens, e.g read the terms and conditions from may participate and bid.

And of course, under the requirements, you must have at least 100 fan tokens of the reference team for this ball (there are only Roma, Juve, Inter and Milan, as for Italy). So let’s say you fancy taking home the ball sent home by Lukaku in the Juventus Inter final: you must have it at least 100 Inter Fan Token; and at the time of writing, the price of each token is around €2.

In addition, thanks to this chip it is possible (via smartphone) to check the goal scored. A gem that will definitely do grind the nerdiest fringe of collectors. But that way you don’t distort the very nature of the collect? Collecting sports memorabilia means keeping playing cards, scarves, historical jerseys; and these relics are sometimes found by sheer luck. Those who find in their hands a ball shot into a corner or a strip of grass snatched from fate live an authentic, truly satisfying and unique experience.

However, pay more than 200 euros for a ball, does not mean becoming a collector, but privileged prey.

NFT and balloons (inflated)

Regarding the recent agreement between Socios and the Serie A League, CEO Luigi De Siervo said: “After the great success of the ball auction of the Supercoppa final we decided to give all football fans the opportunity to win the championship and Coppa Italia memorabilia» All who? Fortunately, there are those with €200 who prefer to follow their team. Then another manager, the CEO of chillies Alexandre Dreyfus:

«Having a ball that went into the net during a game is nice, but being able to relive the goal right on the ball itself and at any time is even more. We give the fans the chance to do that own the moment».

own the moment: a very successful oxymoron of these strange (and possessive) times when we want to give the individual – no longer the “public” – a guaranteeexclusive experience, unique and therefore ça va sans dire, at a high price. It’s a shame that only fans can do that do just such a moment if we really want to use a similar expression i am curve fans; because that perfect feeling, perceived a moment in front of the goal, cannot be locked into any chip in the world, dear Dreyfus. With all due respect to the collectors of the sound of the banknotes who will be able to endlessly verify this goal that they have now heardand for which they spent over 200€.

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