Real Madrid is tradition, the rest is boredom

In the name of Eupalla and the White Spirit.

Carmelo Bene wrote for the national teams: “Brazil is soccer. The rest is silenceยป, to underline an identification between the original and essential Brazilian style of play, a triumph of aesthetics and therefore also of ethics and the ball for everything. As much as Bene didn’t care about being right and was beyond right and wrong (prospective and civic illusions), his solemnity certainly had very solid foundations. So likewise for clubs andEuropean Cup’ Real Madrid is football. There is nothing else, nobody else. Everything else is boredom and silence. Whether we like it or not.

Flawless, elegant, brilliant white. Pure Modric, master of this game that teaches football and marks a technical but above all ontological difference; who looks like Federer moving gracefully on the green lawns of Wimbledon amidst the ever-so-horizontal Stendhal syndromes of royalty and ordinary spectators – Tennis: Roger at Wimbledon; Football, Luke in the Champions League.

Benzema who moves like a panther and with the same naturalness, with the same certainty, almost fatefully distributes football to the front, director and goalscorer from the suburbs to the Olympus of football; who sets Alisson, swoons his opponents, and scores like he’s drinking a glass of water. Transcendent.

Vinicius that flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee; who snaps, dances and scores, almost without stepping on the grass, like a feather, like a feather; who decides Champions League nights the way home games are decided, like a true Brazilian. Heir to a tradition that mixes the sacred and the profane in football, an oxymoron without contradictions, the only tradition capable of producing a boy measuring 176cm x 73kg with an innocent and childlike face who champions League wins with a smile, almost without realizing it. Brazilian and madridistathe apotheosis.

And then everyone else chosen in whiteProtagonists more or less aware of history (of football) in motion and ball and chain.

From 2-0 to 2-5 in Liverpool, who else but them. Real Madrid has a tradition in Europe, and makes even the most ardent progressive, football’s most adamant atheist, and the inevitable denier of Eupalla understand the value of tradition. Real Madrid in Europe is football and that’s it. To guide him, as an almost divine hierarchy wants, the king: the our King, Karl Ancelotti. The best, most elegant and most traditional carriage in history. Everything comes back, everything lasts. In the name of Eupalla and the White Spirit.

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