Mourinho doesn’t understand shit. Word of Cassano

We already know what you’re going to say. See you. “Why do you keep handing them strings?” So, but: What kind of sports journalism do you expect, or rather, deserve? If we really weren’t standing here like stubborn mules denouncing certain “opinion” issues, with what authority and with what face would we be offering you in-depth articles, works that, at worst, have weeks of study and documentation? Cassano doesn’t care what we say, we know that.

But you, rebellious readers and dear readers, how can you take your face off similar statements? How can you, true to yourself and your spirit, turn the cheek to indifference? Don’t you realize that this very indifference has spawned Cassano, Trevisani, BoboTV and OCWSport over the years? We don’t live on clouds, we. We are here with you. Also at Cassano he claims (actually in the last episode of the infamous BoboTV) that

while Sarri loves soccer and his job, to Mourinho from whom “doesn’t give a shit”.

How could it happen that an idiot like Cassano spoke with such nonchalance and open microphones about one of the most successful coaches in football history? On the basis of what Trevisani allowed himself to use similarly cheeky and mocking expressions towards the Portuguese coach a few days ago? “Then there are those who watch the palmares, but we are not fooled because you know how to work, talk and communicate about football, Mourinho is just cinema,” continued the genius. Really, stop it. Take the mic from him, do something. What a sad and miserable era, the one that, on the mantle of celebrity, chooses not those who study and are competent, but those who shoot the greatest. What is this race?

What kind of perverted soul does someone like Cassano have to have to continue to face public ridicule in this way? We’ve reached total madness: the same who, when speaking of Ancelotti, praised his “ass” now denies Mourinho outside of the palmares. Sure, why not. Where are we going? Where has common sense gone, where has education gone – even when it comes to expressing an obviously crazy opinion. “If Real Madrid are interested in talking about football they don’t call him, if San Martinese want to play football casually then they can call him.” Antonio Cassano on Jose Mourinho. If there were no crying, we would laugh happily.

Article Mourinho doesn’t understand shit. Cassano’s word comes from Rivista Contrasti.

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