Italy-Turkiye 2032: but what a renaissance

The joint bid between Italy and Turkey for 2032 is a joke.

Since 1219, Italy and Turkey did not meet in the spirit of cooperation. On this occasion it was Francis, the saint of Assisi, who looked into the history of the Fifth Crusade and urged Sultan Malik al-Kāmil to step back into the land of Egypt. Let’s say Gravina and Mehmet Buyukeksi, presidents of the Italian and Turkish Football Federations respectively, aren’t exactly saints or sultans. Therefore, we apologize to the readers for the daring analogy, let’s have fun too. Also because there would be no laughing here, but crying.

In fact, the presentation of one of them is last night’s news joint application between Italy and Türkiye to host the 2032 European Championship. Let’s start with the emphasis: in passingthat after all the misplaced thrashing about the very bad Russians and the devilish Arabs, here the President in Panciolle Gravina is cooperating with money with one of the countries Amnesty is most closely watching violation of human rights. Massimiliano Castellani on come he correctly noticed how “having just recovered from the humiliating task of the World Cup in Qatar, a country that manages to violate human rights at the same rate that it produces petrodollars, that we must immediately confront equally undemocratic Turkey” .

Anyway, it’s all so grotesque. Gravina he even spoke a project that “highlights the values ​​of friendship and collaboration, involving two worlds marked by deep historical roots”. A man distant from reality and in some ways dangerous. But the even more serious fact is, if we want to get away from the hypocritical rhetoric of the West, this ‘pact’ will only result in a (serious) plan for football in our country being further delayed on the roadmap. Italy has the oldest and most dilapidated plants in Europe, but nowhere else but in this area (to put it bluntly: plant engineering) has many words been wasted for years.

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