Cristiano Ronaldo and the Sign of the Cross

There are The Fake news – much as we like English phrases, they lend seriousness to the most trivial speeches – about an alleged controversy by the Saudis against Cristiano Ronaldo, His Excellency Cristiano for cheering after a penalty (sic!) through the sign of the cross. Immediately from Europe (not from Saudi Arabia or Qatar), a media frenzy arose that generated clicks and likes: the brave Cristiano risked his life for such a heroic gesture of conscious freedom! And what will happen to him now? Will he still be alive when the sun comes up?

Maybe you don’t understand that in Saudi Arabia you are not stupid and would never ruin such an ambitious project for something like this. Some even spoke of a punishable “act” that was obviously committed by oneIslamophobia or Saudi phobia (Ceferin six a voyeur) as accentuated as narrow-minded.

Moralism and resentment aside, but then almost everyone yesterday the final of the Arab Champions You’ve certainly seen it, between CR7’s Al Nassr – who earned himself access to Saudi Arabia’s most important game of the year with that offensive penalty – and Milinkovic-Savic’s Al Hilal in a crucial derby, that of Christian the King looks a little right without the sign of the cross – but with a brilliant Cristiano sat firmly on his left earlobe – he cheered three times in 90 minutes: twice for scoring, once – while injured, like in the 2016 European final – because he was ready to lift the trophy ( In every way similar to the World Cup: Labranca would have written a memoir about it) number 34 of his career.

Why on earth would Saudi Arabia deprive itself? a face that can practically only be represented by its presence fascinating A championship that still remains at a very low level on a technical level (when you see the goals, you think so)?

Interviewed by diary the CEO of the Arab Championship Carlo Nohra he said: “We want to reach the top 10 of the big tournaments by importing quality, as we are doing now.” But Nohra knows that very well that you can’t do without CR7 and everything that makes up its aura: “Since his arrival, only for half the season, All Saudi Pro League stats up 150%. But what’s even more relevant is the global impact, the interest it generated and helped attract other actors. I’ll give you a concrete example: Before Ronaldo, the SPL was only broadcast in the Arab world. Since its arrival, we’ve visited 45 channels (including La7 and Sportitalia, ed.) in 170 countries around the world and are starting monetization. Of course, that’s still very little compared to what we’re trying to achieve, but the bottom line is moving: improving performance on the field serves that very purpose, commercialization.”

Very clear goals, specific results and long-term projects: but which branch of football? but what comparison with China? Imagine if a sign of the cross could change things. Finally, it would be necessary to educate yourself, say, with a basic knowledge of the Koran and religion sunnah Knowing a burning truth for us sensitive Europeans: Mohammed not only knew Christianity, as a seasoned merchant that he was, but The Qur’an specifically mentions Jesus and even the Virgin (so defined) Maria. Now you even know a bit more about Islam, but a bit of culture in your free time never hurts. Especially when those looking for controversy in the absence of further arguments are wasting your time.

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