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Mister*, Patrick Zaki is free! Trumpet blast and fanfare sound! It is a great relief, a goal of our government that is also sbertucciato by a student gender studies in Bologna – that’s how I imagine my own personal hell, if Dante’s Law of Retribution exists – who didn’t want to have anything to do with catwalks. In view of the desolate situation on the Italian transfer market, our teams could definitely fall back on Patrick Zaki.

Yes, because with all due respect to the social media comrades, nostalgic for an Italy of football that no longer existsthe fact that last season the our Having put on an admirable European ride (which in any case failed most beautifully) has certainly not shown a “recovery” of the tricolor ball, quite the opposite. So everything was summed up by many sellers, people with the same level of interpretation of reality as Gianrico Carofiglio did for great literature. ca va sans dire – and yet baaccepts some evidence from the transfer market and also analyzes it Income to Expense Ratio of the five major European leagues to understand more.

The Premier buys but creates his own league and spends 680 million more than he earns; Ligue 1, led by PSG, is also buying, spending 120m more than it gets; la Liga, excluding Real alone, is positive between revenue and expenditure by around +80 million; The Bundesliga also sells and achieves a plus of 104 million between sales and purchases; but worst (or best) of all it does the series Athat he collects at the market 150 million more than it invests.

Basically nobody in Italy can afford to buy anything if not beforehand sold, and often fails even in this case (let’s take Roma, finalist of the EL, who collected around forty million and currently spent €0.00, a real record). Thanks to the Tonali sale, Milan can rebuild the team – with all due respect to the conservatives, who have nothing left to keep, a small masterpiece has emerged here on the market.

Napoli cannot buy without selling first, as Inter have had to do and Lazio, Atalanta and Juventus are obliged to do so – the latter would also need a stockpile of beds for psychologists and a collective analysis session, which has confused them more at Continassa in recent years seem to have than Joe Biden. Definitely a trend that confirms that of the 2023 winter transfer market, in which we brought up the rear for money invested in the market but were among those who collected the most from football players’ outings. And that shows the extent of the economic impotence of our football.

So while they roll the hay bales, the crickets chirp TV rights auctions«Photo summarizing the state of our football, looking for lost value between colossal debt and judicial disgrace» As Tony Damascelli writes, there are still those who insist that they do not want to come to terms with reality: We are a pseudo-failed championshipan expression of the comedy dell’arte of executives and presidents, grotesque and embarrassing to say the least, and of top sports leaders divided between a thousand interests, just unable to envision a vision let alone realize it.

In Spain, for example, Tebas has it whether he likes it or not and because of this Real and Barcelona have become enemies; in Germany it’s 50+1%, but who knows how long it will be given the direction football is taking; The premier is the premier, he’s raising between domestic and foreign right about 10 billion a three years, and Ligue 1 well…who cares about Ligue 1 but who sees it as far as President Labrune is sure next announcement to place itself on the third step of the podium in terms of TV rights revenue – behind England and Spain, but well above Italy.

A championship, ours, forced thanks to the growth decree to recruit dismissed players from abroad, at the same time a boomerang and a source of oxygen for national football. Also because it is better not to deal with it the debt amounts of the various championships, i.e. all individual clubs. These are perhaps the most worrying dates (updated to 2023), and this is where the donkey of national football falls: in Germany all clubs are in debt a total of 10 million (sic!), in France 755. Then the bar is raised.

THE English clubsparadoxically, they are in debt fewer Italian: 1,946 billion euros vs 1.968 billion from euros.

Worst of all is Spain with 2.517 billion in liabilities, though split between the big three – Real plus Barcelona total 1.8 billion, Atlético Madrid another 536 million. A clear difference to the Italy where the debt is spread to various big clubs, from Inter to Roma, Juventus and Milan – excluding Napoli, Lazio and Atalanta – but also to the other teams in the league considering that the four big names mentioned above have a combined debt of around 950 million, ie less than half of the total. Debts that could even be managed if there were appropriate sources of income.

However, dumping data bores me more than the psychotic sermons of environmentalists with those shrill voices and those crazy eyes that meet. And it bores me more than this residual and awkward patriotism which, lest it give in to anti-Italian “defeatism” (as if we were at war), prefers to indulge in it spontaneous results like the European ones from last season. How do you think Inter find Porto, Benfica (in free fall) and Milan every year on their way to the final stages of the world’s most important club competition? And that Roma can dodge all the top seeds until the Europa League final?

Let’s stop with this terminal directly in football, embedded in the myth of a faded Italy, thus offering an alibi to all those who have mutilated our football in the last 15 years a radical lack of leadership. In short, gentlemen, what can I tell you? Here the situation is serious, but it’s also serious, to quote Flaiano inappropriately, and there’s a whole movement that doesn’t know where to turn to catch up, even if it hopes the big cow who that pay-TV represents, to put pressure on properly destroys.

Italian soccerit turns you around looks like the PD: divided between a thousand currents, unable to propose a vision, clinging to flag measures that hide a void that is also superficial and abysmal.

We need scrappers like Patrick Zaki. Then, before being nominated for the armored constituency of Bologna, I would like to propose him here as the next FIGC President who, in the name of the communist tradition and the sun of the future, also elected Pier Ferdinando Casini with the PD. Well, yes: Zaki instead of Gravina and the Bolognese Punkabbestia instead of managers and presidents. So much worse than this, it’s difficult that they can do anything.

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