Voices from Sarajevo

Crossing the border between Imoschi and Posuje means leaving Dalmatia and entering Bosnia, but the scenario does not change: under the blue sky the Sahovnica, the red and white chessboard of Croatia, always blows. They are border stories that tell of unresolved reports since the last war; Even the most naive foreigner is pushed to question the past and present.

If you continue east on the M6.1 provincial road you will enter the area ofSkripari, the ultras of NK Siroki Brijeg, a team from the city of the same name. The geography is tribal and can be understood through the walls, the bus stops and the colors wafting from the balconies. Arriving in Mostar from the west, it is easy to understand that you have entered the area with a Croatian majority.

Before you enter the historic city center, it is best to follow the signs for “Stadion” and pass the murals dedicated to itUltras near Zrinjski, like the eagle and the Latin cross, combined with the date 1452, the year Mostar was first mentioned. Turn left along a tree-lined avenue and here is the Bijelim Brijegom Stadium, surrounded by residential buildings and with a hill behind: for fifty years it was the home of Velez, since 1992 it has been the cave of the Plemići, the Nobles, current Bosnian champion. A few meters away is a picture of Modric […]

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