Psychopathology of typhoid fever

Take two groups of fans, Chelsea and Manchester United, who have supported their team for an average of 15 years and have seen them play at least 25 times. Put them in a brain MRI scannerand show them a video with highlights of the games in between Blue And Red. Who knows what must have been going through the minds of a University of York team, perhaps boredom, the rainy days or the English rain – the real one – that prevented Timothy Andrews and his team from going outdoors.

The fact is that this social experiment it was actually carried outwith the aim of understanding which areas of the brain and how, were interested in the typhus trial. Crazy stuff from scientists who won’t even go to the bathroom without science explaining to them why that’s necessary. However, the study found something interesting: While the brain regions responsible for vision behaved the same (the two groups saw the same actions), the areas reserved for cognitive functions responded very differently.

The article “Psychopathology of Typhoid Fever” is by Rivista Contrasti.

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