Ticket prices in Serie A on the way to new records

Between pay TV and salary increases, the fan no longer has a chance.

They’re trying to convince us that piracy – more specifically, the famous “Pezzotto” – is killing football. Which is also true, based on the available data: Every year there are more and more subscribers to illegal streaming and fewer and fewer users who choose the legal “path”. However, what the Serie A and Gravina presidents pretend not to understand is this Piracy is nothing but the result of a series of mistakes and of decisions that have hurt – and will hurt – fans and enthusiasts.

In fact, we are talking about increasingly absurd prices to be able to follow the championship from the sofa: Dazn now costs 40 euros per month in the cheapest version and is just one of the necessary platforms to be able to follow all the games; Meanwhile, tickets for popular sectors are increasing year by year. According to statistics from sports courierCompared to the 2022-2023 season, tickets for Serie A stadiums are more expensive increased by almost a thirdor 28%.

News that could be relatively interesting if we only talked about the luxury sectors of each work. But no, because the study concerns precisely the popular sectors that should theoretically be accessible to all budgets. Speaking of specific numbers, again according to Corriere dello Sport: “The costs have gone up from an average of 18.15 euros to 23.28 euros for Serie A games». However, despite the gains, fans haven’t decided to give up their faith.

The figure needs to be put into context, of course, but the first day of the new Serie A championship drew an average of 30,824 viewers, with an increase of 4% compared to last season (average attendance 29,586). This shows that those who have chosen to raise prices – albeit significantly – in popular sectors have done so in full knowledge of the facts, betting on fan passion and the lack of alternatives. On the other hand, there is an antidote to Dazn, not the Curva.

However, there are some clubs that have decided to swim against the tide: Bologna, Lecce, Monza, Torino and Udinese They have not raised prices in popular sectors of the stadium. There are even those who have decided to lower them, like Empoli: from €15 last season to €10 now. Also worth noting is the attempt by Juventus, who decided to set a fixed price for the away section of the Allianz Stadium, namely €45. The Juventus club have also tried to open a front within the Serie A league in hopes of doing so

“The same treatment also applies to away trips for the millions of Juventus fans present in all stadiums in Italy” and “that the biggest and most visited Italian clubs – and possibly also the Lega Serie A – support this and therefore follow the initiative.” , find a collective agreement».

The call was obviously not met with enthusiasm – the presidents of the so-called ‘small’ clubs, and not only them, rake in a lot of money at big matches – and one has to bear in mind that even UEFA has long since introduced a cap on tickets The sector guests: €70 for the Champions League, €45 for the Europa League, €25 for the Conference. Another aspect where Lega Serie A should intervene – but we’ve lost track by now. Also because, given the state of our structures, an aspect on which the Modernization delay compared to other leagues Europeans, in Italy the increases are far from justified.

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