The best statements from Toni Kroos

In order not to die of hypocrisy and clichés.

Let’s be honest: it’s always fun for us. Toni Kroos is our Don Quixote. At the height of his amazing career and boundless talent, the Real Madrid midfielder wowed us with another gem of his own, capturing Gabri Veiga’s move to the Saudi Pro League aged just 21 – and a deal ready , which was offered by the Saudi Pro League Italian champion team. The comment on the news was eloquent and succinct: “Awkward“.

But it’s not the first time Kroos has wowed us with his brutally extraordinary shots. As a result of the “discomfort” of Driven With the merengues then maturing in the disconnect between club and player, the ‘prince’ had chided his team-mate, believing he could not complain that he was going through ‘a bad time’ because “You can feel sorry for people who are obviously in a bad way but have no money for football. To a certain extent, everyone is responsible for their own situation. Eden He is not one of those people who suffer seriously», admittedly, without glossing over any pill

“do not try No sympathy for the situation”.

Moreover, this time around, Kroos had clearly hinted at something everyone thinks and no one ever says about Madrid’s purchase of Bellingham for the modest sum of €103m, namely that The value of the tag is not an indication of the value of the corresponding player: «Here we have players who came for big money and him, Eden Hazard (Ed costs as much as Belingham)he basically let his career die».

Another target of Kroos’ arrows had been last year’s Real Madrid shirt which, according to the ‘Prince’, had suggested useless and uncomfortable collars and buttons, reasons why the German had done so addressed without too many compliments: «It’s a polo shirt, not a football shirt: It’s a big shit». Kroos had also expressed himself outside the crowd in the Superlega, at least in the second version, which concerned the tournament proposal (the one without permanent members, so to speak).

Even in that case, good old Toni believed the new proposal merited at least an appraisal, especially when (and digging again) UEFA felt it had a hand in launching tournaments like this Nations League «what nobody needs. Nobody asked him». Just like the Supercups in Arabia – and this time the message is also addressed to the national federations – competitions that “They only serve to collect money». On the other hand, the German explains without much embarrassment:

“we are dolls from Fifa and UEFA and they only think about money».

Well, it’s just not possible to ignore it anymore the contrasting spirit of Kroos. Even if he overdoes it, like in the Champions League final two years ago – won 1-0 against Liverpool – when a German journalist asked him earlier if, given the way things were going, that game had gone as he had expected , and if so, thenWas it a surprise to you that Real Madrid suffered so much?“.

Kroos had never seen us there again and answered unequivocally: “They had 90 minutes to think about meaningful questions. And now you make me Those two bullshit questions. Crazy! It’s obvious that against teams like Liverpool you can sometimes suffer. Whats that for a question? It wasn’t the group stage, it was the Champions League final». Then he’d left the interview, hiding a smile with his hands in front of his face.

In short, in a world where there is always brazen hypocrisy and judgments have never been so awkward, in a world where there is talk of technical “projects” justifying the decision to go to Saudi Arabia and in the footballer just pre-repeat Although the concepts have been bundled in favor of social networks and cameras, it still catches the eye a bulwark for us mere mortals, over 30nostalgic and angry at the ending of our favorite game: it’s Toni Kroos, the hero we don’t need…but deserve.

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