Allegri is rebuilding Juventus

It's time to talk about it without hysteria.

We didn't talk about it for a long time, over a year Massimiliano Allegri. Last time we did it with an editorial on Juventus' greatest moment, writing about an increasingly paperless coach stuck in the trenches of a holy war he was in danger of losing. Then Juventus slowly recovered, but since then we have been somewhere else, locked in an impenetrable silence, not wanting to descend back into the underworld of a hysterical and angry debate: probably the most obtuse, violent and choleric that our youngest football remembers.

A dialectic of opposing factions in arms, a total war in whichThere first victimAs always in these cases, it was like that the truth.

No articles, little to no mention, not even social media posts. But why we ourselves, who, if we give credit, were the first to be educated? the Allegri character – this anarcho-conservative, brilliant and anti-dogmatic Livorno, the last representative (on and off the pitch) of the Italian tradition of managerial coaches – well, first of all, we regretted having fomented this (false) dichotomy between performers and players, between Progressives and reactionaries in the ball, between proactive and reactive. A dualism that is as deceptive as it is disgusting in the long run.

We couldn't take it anymore of Short musicism he was born Bar shaming, of gaiety and anti-gaiety; a discussion that became a metaphor for something else that went far beyond football. A psychotic “debate” about Yes Vax or No Vax, Yes Max or No Max…

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