The Serie A league prohibits the freedom of the mixed zone

News that isn’t talked about enough.

Before writing this article, we waited a few days for a job advertisement from the ODG (Order of Journalists) and the USSI (Italian Sports Press Association), but it never arrived. The news actually received little attention in the media, but it is still important: Lega Serie A has decided to deny journalists (with the exception of Sky and DAZN) the opportunity to work in the mixed zone from the next round of the championship. Interviews with players, coaches and professionals are conducted here.

A contractual freedom

At the end of last Wednesday’s meeting with all twenty press offices of the championship, the Serie A league released the news a statement, which speak of an “update of ongoing strategies and negotiations for the sale of international audiovisual rights and data and betting streaming packages”. Put like that, it doesn’t seem like anything interesting. One of the many topics addressed is – once again – the fight against piracy.

Be careful, however: we are not talking about illegal streaming here, but about blogs and websites that provide an information service for the many enthusiasts (and fans) across the peninsula. There will be even more controls on the press galleries, because Journalists are not allowed to take photos or videos in the stadium, and that seems more than right to us. In fact, we are surprised that the league is only now remembering this and has only issued simple press releases over the years, which will certainly not discourage anyone if the checks are then null and void.

But what leaves us speechless is thisThis prevented local journalists from accessing the mixed zone, area of ​​the press room where one or more players from both teams are interviewed at the end of the game. In fact, access (and therefore the interviews associated with it) will follow the decisions of the Serie A officials exclusive prerogative of the owners of the various television packages. It is true that some Serie A clubs had already banned local journalists from entering the mixed zone – such as Udinese – but why give Sky and DAZN exclusivity again and important material to journalists from newspapers and websites – and with that Work – take away?

But above all: How can this change be justified using the excuse of piracy? It seems to us that the only justification for the recent gift to television (and streaming) networks is related to economic reasons. This doesn’t surprise us, to be clear, but it makes us sad again. How did Carmelo Bene say that? No to freedom of the press, yes to freedom of the press. But everything: not just one part.

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