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The genius born in the shadow of the Balkans who enchanted Europe.

April 24, 1972 is the release date of “Human Man: the Dream”, one of Lucio Battisti’s most controversial and at the same time most intense albums. The genius Dejan Savicevic is not yet 6 years old. Let’s stay with Battisti for a moment. Between the memories of his childhood The Gardens of March and the pleasant And I am thinking of youit fits here Innocent escapes. The protagonist of the song is – not mentioned – Renzo Arbore and his confession to the Mogol-Battisti duo of a failed escapade with a former RAI dancer. This episode is defined as an “innocent escape.”

A moment of leisure, of escape, a joke to quote Cristian De Sica. The starlet is also busy, but is not deterred by the handsome Renzo’s charm. In the lyrics of the song, the fraudster, a bourgeois like many in a bourgeois city like many in the 70s, is almost caught red-handed by his wife after what he has done all evening for his mistress. The verbal dribbles, admirably set to music by the Battisti-Mogol couple, are hilarious and exhilarating to say the least.

What a feeling of slight madness
It colors my soul

The parallelism runs directly to Savicevic’s serpentines through the fields of Titograd, today’s Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro in the 1970s. A scarce piece of land that has always been an important junction between continental Europe and Albania. At that time it was still part of Greater Yugoslavia under the leadership of the […]

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