Save Turin from Urbano Cairo

It's time to tell the truth.

Coleridge said that the fantasy It is a question of “a voluntary suspension of disbelief,” and so Fellini added: “Nothing is known, everything is imagined.” However, hoping, believing, fantasizing does not mean being naive. On the contrary: it's about fully living out your own humanity. And what are fans if not guardians of the imagination? Guardian of a faith – it has already been said several times – lost lovers? What is a fan if not a dreamer? Being a fan means precisely – of course not always voluntarily – believing the impossible, hoping for it and loving it and then pursuing it as if it were a mission, your own existence.

The impossibility lies in the fact that your own team can win. In fact, most of the time you don't win in football. Of course, the situation changes if you support Real Madrid or City, but the law remains as strict as it leads to the opposite consequence: whoever wins too much gets tired first. And so: Being a fan means staying in the dream. Though not without any hopeotherwise we fall into depression or, worse, apathetic detachment – the state of those who don't win, rather than always winning never. This is happening with Torino fans in a general and worrying, but by no means inexplicable, silence – if it is true that Cairo controls a large part, or in any case a very significant part, of the critical football information in Italy.

On the NapolistaMassimiliano Gallo he wrote, recently said that “eliminating the dream means drying up fan existence.” The Drought. Turin fans are prisoners. Without any possibility of achieving freedom.”

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