Going to the bullfight doesn't mean going to the stadium

Bullfighting is not a sport, but a mystery.

When a local TV station puts a microphone under his nose and points a camera at his face, the foreigner doesn't know how to behave; When the Italian experiences a bullfight for the first time, he wonders what contribution he can make to the quality of the service, but decides to please the interviewer. His interest in bulls arose from letterscannot help but clearly quote Hemingway, but also claims the work of Max David from Romagna as capable of arousing envy father.

In addition, he remembers Montherlant, whom he met thanks to Stenio Solinas, who introduced him to the extraordinary simplicity of the bulls: A man confronts an animal, blade and material before muscles, heart and horns, nothing more. When the envoy presses him on the controversy between cops and anti-cops, he is climbing the steep ladder of diplomacy: he wants to see and think, to try to understand before taking sides. The truth is that deep down he wonders how he might react to death. What passes for him? . . .

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