Max Verstappen, beauty is his domain

For many years of the 20th century, being born in Hasselt, in Limburg, Belgium, meant being born with a sealed fate: become miners. A predestination through the seven coal mines that have shaped the social history and industrial development of the province, the easternmost province of Flanders: a land of mines made of hard work, emigration and immigration, hospitality, mixing of people and, at the same time, time of Traditions and strong identity.

However, it can also happen that you were born in Hasselt at the end of the 20th century, in 1997, when the mines closed decades ago, the landscape was redesigned, and a Father who works as a Formula 1 driver. Then the fate is already sealed, and quite different from that of the miners of the 20th century. Father Jos will most likely soon put his son behind the wheel of a kart to see if he has any talent.

Papa Jos will have money, knowledge, ambition and experience that will help him grow and perhaps become a professional rider, as strong as him and maybe, why not, faster. And with the right training, discipline, sports strategy and technique it will lead him to become a world champion, the youngest in historyand to dominate the category like the greatest like Fangio, Senna, Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen was born in Hasselt, Belgium, but is never associated with his birthplaces…

The article Max Verstappen, Beauty is in the Domain comes from Rivista Contrasti.

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