Mbappé is Mbappé, and you are not…

Respect for the Marchese del Gallo.

Good morning to all*, dear friends. Forgive the absence, but by now I felt like a fat cow in a balloon: a human guinea pig, inflated with food and gone for at least a year, with no breaks between the various festivals, while Ceferin and Infantino appeared to me in a dream, after the one they longed for New competitions and enlarged Club World Cup – how do you say it was all true? So I had to flee to the Austrian mountains to enjoy the glorious panoramas of the fulfilling Villach and force myself on a detox dietlarge-scale intensive agriculture called calcium.

Incidentally, Viva Dimarco was senselessly attacked on social media for making an open confession in front of the microphones: “But now I just want it go on vacation It’s been a long season“.

Inevitably the usual misery: “For those who go to the factory 10 hours a day, if you knew how long ago that year was! Shame on you!” (obviously written with a much more approximate syntax). Always and only poor communists, the former President of Monza would have said – rest in peace By the way, I’m waiting to make heaven a corporation and make God its vice president.

However, as the world’s strongest player, he made sure to break the summer monotony: Kylian Mbappe Lottin. «No matter who I play with, no matter what jersey, no matter where: I want to win. During those years, I’ve always done better than everyone else. Playing PSG doesn’t help much». Then when asked why Paris didn’t snag the Champions League and instead had to settle for dismal Ligue 1 games worthy of midsummer trumps, he cut it short: “You don’t have to ask me, but whoever is building the team. I speak for myself, I was top scorer five times and now best player».

As Kylian often does, especially lately, You drove them all crazy: President Al-Khelaifi, most of those nitwits you share the dressing room with at PSG, romantics from all over the world united; They fell in a flash on the nostalgic rallies of old successes and on the stale rhetoric of the kit, which was recycled and, to say the least, inappropriate for contexts like that of Qatar Saint-Germain. And you did it with a sneer, strong in your superiority. Kylian, long live you.

Finally a footballer who he doesn’t poison us with cheap rhetoricor with the fake, modest hypocrisy of the Guardiola – how nice if one day Pep came in front of the microphone and said: You don’t understand anything, I’m the best!also because he would be right too, but no, he always makes the usual Catalan saying that he has to learn from De Zerbi, Klopp, Bielsa, Luis Enrique, Arteta etc. Finally a footballer, I said who he bursts out laughing Like a child, he responds to questions from environmentalists, to penalties missed by opponents, to the possibility of moving to a club that doesn’t belong to him, and he shrugs at the indignation of the intelligentsia.

Mbappé laughs and scores, dribbles and grins, provokes and can afford it.I am me and you are not shit.

The Marquis del Grillo, actually the Marquis del Gallo (of France). Coming from the suburbs and returning there for charity but not being immortalized by the cameras; at the forefront of the fight against racism, but without turning it into a brand and actually declaring that they feel “100 French”; selfish to the point of rudeness, but sincere: why so much, in this world, “Everyone flatters you and nobody says anything to your face“. Aside from Ibrahimovic, Kylian adds, admitting he loves him for it (also).

And then it’s worth it Laugh in the face of the good and the just, to columnists and intellectuals in football, to Sacentini and moralists in social networks. You might as well have fun, look down on them, and outrage them. Perhaps an antagonist, Mbappé, for how we see football: a corporate player worth more than his club, who humiliates his teammates and looks after his future alone, who doesn’t give a damn about the fans and the shirt.

But a genuine adversary, the kind you absolutely have to respect. First, because he’s too strong, and the strongest have always respected one another, a law of nature whether we like it or not. And because then he doesn’t reshuffle the cards, doesn’t muddy things up, doesn’t represent the noblest of causes by posing as a politician, but behaves directly like a head of state, not elected by the people, but chosen from God (of football). Part king, part rock star.

TIC Tac, they repeat every day in the chiringuito, waiting for the negotiations for Mbappé to lift the blockade. It seems Florentino instructed him to negotiate the price himself with PSG and only after that Real would make the right offer. Check it out BlancosI confess it would be my dream and also the natural fulfillment of Mbappé’s career: too strong, too much stronger than your petty-bourgeois grudges and nostalgic; Finally classy too, with the royal and immaculate crest of the greatest club in the world – if football is Brazil for national teams, it is Real Madrid for clubs.

The fact is he’s doing everything he can to break free from PSG. But while everyone is losing their temper, starting with the President – the PSG, the ECA, the Qatar State Investment Fund,… beIN media groupQatar Tennis Federation etc. etc. even if they are footballingly insignificant compared to Mbappé – Kylian laughs at that. Have you ever seen him angry? He associates with beautiful women (now Kim Kardashan), starting with beautiful transsexuals, and he doesn’t give a shit what they write about him. For that, Kylian, I want to thank you on behalf of all impatient people in the world.

I never thought I’d be praising a football company, but these days it’s better to call a company with the wild face of a multinational with a friendly face (and a rainbow logo) that wants to save the planet and defend the rights of minorities while suspended his employees if they spend more than 10 minutes on the toilet. Because if we live in a world that is upside down, or simply in a society of images andEthics turns into a labelAt least Mbappé has the merit of restoring hierarchies (in his own way). To save us the sniffing and backslapping.

So that we understand the fanHe’s just a poor man today Gasperino the Carbonaro who occasionally invite a laugh in court. And the shirt that we often value for the wearer is little more than a T-shirt bought from H&M: two seasons and then you throw it away.

Thank you for sparing us the morals, Kylian, and for telling us bluntly, I am me, and you already know the rest. Keep making fun of popes, kings and presidents. And to expose those who would like to take you in and exploit you as an impeccable and Instagram icon for their good causes as well as their commercial and political positioning. «In France, people just want to see you play football and smile» you said over a few years ago, when you were already Mbappé and yet you weren’t. That’s what the French loved you for.

Now instead a Opinion poll highlights a sharp drop in support as you too have joined the recent protests by throwing them into politics – for 67% of French people speaking about Nahel’s death is not their job and 64% are with the Embassy disagree. But who cares about polls and approval ratings?. The point isn’t that the French think you’re less, it’s that they think you’re ‘less likeable’. Kylian, don’t fall for that, too. From Lukaku, Goretzka and Thorsby (the one who changed the jersey number by taking over the number). 2, or the degrees that global warming must not exceed lest the planet implode) we have far too many. But the truth, in the shameful depths of our petty souls, in the secrecy of the ballot box where we voted for B., is that we simply and simply want a Marquis del Gallo.

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