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The Brazilian Corner, Episode XIV. From the weekly newsletter.

Recently in conversation with a resident of Parenzo, perfectly influenced by the Luiss Business School and the spirit of the times (but Parenzo at least makes you laugh), in short, with a young man Son of the USA – instead of Lupa – so Balilla of democracy Young progressive university student (GUP) – instead of fascist (GUF) – and so I talked about this guy who, compared to his grandfather, only swapped his black shirt for a stand-up collar shirt from Zara and lost some of his elegance in the process Guardian of democracy who pays attention to rights of minorities, environmentalists, pro-Europeans, pro-vaccination, pro-Ukrainians, fierce critics of the patriarchy and to ensure that nothing is missing, also supporters of “Israel's right to defend itself”, essentially the “conformist” voiced by Giorgio Gaber , Well, I asked this sprout jokingly Zeitgeist If the logic of the aggressor and the attacked also applied to the genocide committed by Israel against the Palestinians, I'm sorry, to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

He promptly replied: “Of course, the one that was attacked on October 7th was Israel“.

Uh, on October 7th. This date, engraved in the stone of global barbarism and in the lineups of our newsreels, is an essential and obligatory condition to open a discussion on this issue without being accused of supporting terrorists or directly of admiration for this old German leader. In any case, his answer would not have made any difference if it were not for these small and ultimately negligible, details To do this, Israel has been deporting, humiliating, imprisoning and killing hundreds of thousands of people for decades, violating international law and resolutions and making Gaza an open-air prison and the West Bank a country with settlements that are just as illegal (for the United Nations) because they are violent are.

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