Argentina '78 characterized by P2 and Licio Gelli

When Freemasonry literally took the field.

“MI was in Buenos Aires on the day of the soccer final between Argentina and the Netherlands. I arrived at the Monumental Stadium late and only took part in the final minutes of the game. It was a total party, it seemed as if the country had won a war. When the game was over, I went for an aperitif in the company of other people to celebrate Argentina. I remember all the people celebrating in the streets. Thanks to a state car provided to me as minister, we managed to reach the Hotel Plaza.”

It is this countersigned letter that confirms this the presence of Licio Gelli, Worshipful Master of the Masonic Lodge P2, at the final of the Argentine World Cup in 1978, the only Italian who took part in the celebrations until late at night. The question immediately arises: What connects Gelli, P2 and Argentina in the context of one of the most discussed World Cups in history? What connects the world? football and There Masonry? The discussion could start remotely…

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