Garnacho, Onana and the racism of the FA

It was nice meeting you, Alejandro.

And so even Garnacho, the naive and Latin, too Latin Garnacho, suffered from the relentless ax of political correctness. An ax that has a face and most importantly the (heavy) hand of the football association, English football’s governing body, which will initiate disciplinary proceedings against the young United talent over racist comments. The risk is severe disqualification as well as a fine and possibly forced re-education. The reason, you ask? Racism, obviously! Compared to his teammate Onana.

Quick review: In the Champions League game against Copenhagen, United’s first win in the competition with a score of 1-0, Onana’s save was crucial and in the 97th minute he canceled out a penalty given by Larsson – with the help of Garnacho himself In the modern Maspero version, he made a small incision on the spot to make the opponent’s shot from eleven meters more difficult. The fact is that the 19-year-old Argentine shared a post on his Twitter account after the game to celebrate and congratulate Onana. Him and other companions Give Onana a hug two emojis of a gorilla. He had never done it.

The X users immediately made it clear to him that this post might cost him dearly. And after a few minutes, the good Garnacho, full of fear, first eliminated the gorillas and then immediately deleted the post. However, there was nothing to be done, the damage was already done (and the screens too). So, despite the public defense of Onana – «People can’t decide what I should be offended about. I know exactly what he meant [Garnacho]: power and strength. The matter should not continue» –, the FA will certainly put in a strong fist and adopt a longer disqualification, also because there are already some (rather idiotic) precedents.

Re-education is needed here!

The first, the, in which Bernardo Silva posted a picture in which his historical friend Mendy was pictured next to the logo of a well-known chocolate brand. Mendy had laughed at that and then he also tried to contain the madness (“I can’t even joke with a friend… Guys…»), many others also had fun, but not the ‘anti-racism association’ Throw it out, who reported the post to the FA and asked for action. An intervention that took place despite a commission finding the non-discriminatory content of the entry: a qualifying round and a £50,000 fine.

Not to mention the Cavani case that our director faced here. For responding to a childhood friend’s compliments by calling him “Negrito” (“Thanks Negrito!») Expression used in South America in a playful sense, the matador caught himself, listen, listen, Disqualification for three games, fine of 100,000 pounds and the obligation to attend a course of re-education. Something more akin to Huxley’s Brave New World than a depiction of a democratic state, especially given the utter innocence and shock of Cavani’s friend, who had laughed and couldn’t really understand what was going on.

In short, gentlemen, now it’s Garnacho’s turn. 19 years old, born in Spain but with an Argentine passport, but obviously not yet educated in the new Western religion new British public ethics. Even if no one accepts it, there is no intention, and there is no victim, someone will still feel offended and will have to punish and re-educate you. In any case, we are sure that Alejandro will learn his lesson after this negligence that will cost him a few games and who knows what else. And next time, instead of the gorillas, he will put two beautiful black fists: emoji symbol and symbol in the emoji of the holy and holy Black Lives Matter protest.

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