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The field as an office and as a stage.

Do a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life. How many times have we heard this phrase? And how many times have we found ourselves in a hateful job that, while necessary to support us, did not guarantee us any joys and satisfactions? Still, no one would associate the sense of boredom and oppression that work brings with a sports star. At least before you know it Alexander Bublik.

Aleksandr Bublik, Gatchina, June 17, 1997, Russian tennis player, naturalized Kazakh, this Sunday he won the Indoor Open, one of the most prestigious lawn tennis tournaments after Wimbledon, long dominated by Roger Federer. By winning his second tournament, Bublik has cemented his position in the top 30 in the world, but the truth is to himall of it, It does not matter Very.

“I complain about how stupid this sport can be, this is one shit sports.

Alexander Bublik

The best of Aleksandr Bublik in Halle

The Kazakh tennis player is indeed unique in the contradictory relationship, to say the least, that binds him to his sport. Bublik did not fall in love with tennis as a child, Bublik was sentenced to play tennis. “When I was two years old, my father gave me a racket and didn’t even ask me if I liked it“, he has explained. An unrequited love for tennis towards Bublik, who over the years has developed his enormous talent with indolence and has certainly become a professional more out of duty than pleasure.

The season on earth? I have to earn money even if I don’t like the interface.

Bublik brings with him an unprecedented vision of the sport, an almost clerical vision. Tennis is just a job, and finally he himself says: “No one likes going to work». A show door to door salesman. «Stand i win it’s ok If I lose, that’s okay». The field is his office, the racquet is his pen, the scoreboard is his printer and the only goal is to end the day and start again the next morning. However, it is not the “usual” refusal of many athletes, due to pressure, fatigue or the desire to escape.

Bublik is just relatively interested in what he’s doing. Sentiment is declining, as evidenced by the decision in 2016 to give up Russian citizenship and take on that of Kazakh neighbors in exchange for money and support. And yet he is Always smiling, with an innocent and contagious smile. So while we know there’s some truth in his words when he always says with that smile that he hates tennis and only plays for money, we also know that Bublik is exaggerating a bit – like himself confessself contradicting.

However, if Bublik doesn’t completely hate tennis, it’s only because he made it a game (again). AND this officeso the field made a stage out of it. An approach that gets to the point in stark contrast to successful athletes, maniacs and obsessives: the anti-Djokovic and Nadal, the anti-Jordan, the denial of mamba mentality. The sentence he addressed to Sinner after his defeat is famous: “You are not human” (but also here always with a smile). Bublik, extraordinarily human in a galaxy of aliens.

I like playing on the grass because I don’t have to run Very.


Nobody likes to work, but you have to do it, so you have to sweeten the pill. During the games, Bublik only pursues one selfish goal: his amusement. “I can beat anyone or lose to anyone. I don’t care, I’m here to have fun, play and live my life». Sasha is not specifically looking for show business, but this becomes a direct consequence of his game. An eternal Russian roulette, always on the edge of the tapeIt doesn’t matter if the ball passes or bounces and then comes back.

Such talent, coupled with Bublik’s highly developed talent, sets him apart one of the most beautiful places on the circuit. The repertoire is complete and consists of a powerful serve, a sensitive wrist paired with a lightning-fast arm and a great tennis feeling in general, which he trains in a variety of ways: from balls played in rebound to excellent skills in front of the net.

Among other things, 196 centimeters moved across the court with a technical, athletic, existential lightness that makes this tennis player with the size of a basketball player and the innocence of a child even more fascinating. Carelessness about the end result leads the Kazakhs to dare something that no one would have the courage to do, and that’s why volleypassers-by in tweeners, Impacts from below or surreal shots like the ones we are now familiar with Smash with the bat handle.

15 minutes from Alexander Bublik

A lightness that clashes in a sporting world that takes itself too seriously, with athletes locked in their own bell jars and now almost isolated from the crowded grandstands. Minutes are wasted on social media videos collecting the Soviet tennis player’s most absurd points. yours Tendency to spectacular play This is also observed by his own peers, who often watch his follies with amazement and amusement. After Casper Ruud beat him in Miami in 2022, he said to him with a smile: «You had 2/3 hotshots and end up on TennisTV as always».

All this gives life a tennis beautifully inconsistent, effectively preventing him from winning more than two tournaments at the age of 26. His serve is emblematic: the famous match at the US Open 2019, which ended the game with 48 aces and 26 double faults on the scoreboard. The stubbornness was then perfectly remedied by the last game in Halle. In fact, Bublik’s fans sent shivers down their spines from three double faults ahead of the win with an ace from second place.

About the service Sometimes I throw the ball and I do not know what to do and i decide to hit her hard.


Many have compared over the years Bublik To KyrgiosBoth combine a spectacular style of play and a difficult relationship with tennis. But there is a profound difference between the two. Indeed, the Australian has been crushed under the weight of the enormous expectations and ambition that Bublik instead almost entirely lacks. For example, there are those who, after this victory, finally hope that Sasha’s career will finally take off. But that means you haven’t met the Kazakh tennis player yet.

Bublik plays because he has to, and that’s that. Ruining his life in order to win at all costs is not one of his priorities. It is pointless to trace typical career patterns of the tennis anarchist. Victory is finally here, like a second ace, but who knows how long it will be before another great point is scored.

Typically, people who are in the top five have maybe 20 career titles and maybe 500 tournaments. So you lose almost every week. AND take life so seriouslyI think this is the wrong way for me.

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