The reform of the Italian Cup is a dream

Just a few decades later, the Coppa Italia could become a competition with meaning. Self pretty, reserving a greater enthusiasm for rolling the dice. Meanwhile, however, the managing director of the league is Luigi De Siervo he spoke in clear and auspicious words To Rai Gr Parliament: «if you a FA Cup model? We developed one Project modeled on the English Cup, will shortly be submitted to the teams for final evaluation. There are some logistical issues, for example playing on the weaker team’s pitch may not guarantee the unconditional use of goal-line technology or VAR. In any case, they are two very different but extremely fascinating models.”

Here we are. Possibly. Of course, it would be incredible if the VAR or goal-line technology – which isn’t particularly kind to the Brits, by the way – blocked our already uncontrollable celebration at the climax. Really, we’re not in the skin anymore. But when does this Coppa Italia start? Imagine for a moment what would happen on the Peninsula, where football already lives and breathes seven days a week, regardless of category. If you can, put yourself in the shoes of a Series C fan or – why not! – from the series D or again – dream, people! – Third category, living from work, home game and local team, playing against Milan, Inter and Juventus. But also a Roma, a Lazio, a Napoli (considering that in the Italian Cup the above have an average attendance in the stadium of less than 50%).

There would be a nice virtuous cycle that would – we’re sure – keep viewers glued to the TV filling simultaneously Stadiums across Italyto revitalize the sense of community that makes our football (and our culture) a unique phenomenon in the world.

Italian football is growing, there’s no doubt about that. A lot has been done, but we are only at the beginning. That is why a reform of the Italian Cup is very right, as long as it is accompanied by a mini-revolution of infrastructuresand thus not only of the stadiums, but also of the laws on investor protection. In short, we need a serious plan and cannot limit ourselves to shooting the front page headline. In the meantime, however, we can be happy about these statements, having already discussed them a few years ago. In the ruins of a football that exists almost entirely thanks to the fans and the passion of the people, the reform of the Italian Cup would be another shining sign. Unlike the Italian European format, unlike Blue on the roof of Europe. First let’s sing on the street again, on the cobblestones, waving our flag from the toe to the top of the boot. So yes, really, we could call them Italian cup.

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