The price increase by DAZN is worth denouncing

We are facing the final affront.

There is a limit to everything, including passion. After all, what’s the point of spending so much money to watch your favorite team on TV, or – which is a much more common ailment – the other games in Italy and around the world, just for the sake of fun? see Football? Perhaps, however, we are returning to a more human “vision,” as we have often claimed in the past. This time DAZN made the breakthroughand now we need a collective complaint: fans are communities, fans are communities and they deserve respect.

The retouch

Originally, a DAZN subscription for the three-game exclusive package cost 9.99 euros per month. The service it offered wasn’t the best – most of the streaming issues occurred during this period – but the price and the ability to share the subscription with a friend or family member made the pill less bitter. But then the pandemic revolutionized the cards: Sky and the Serie A league met in court over a dispute related to the championship being suspended due to Covid, and DAZN took advantage of this all games to win exclusively from 2021 to 2024. Strengthened by Tim’s economic and structural support, the English club has invested 950 million in Italian football. And here the problems began.

We also recall that AGCOM (the communications regulator) has repeatedly asked the platform to provide “urgent clarifications” over the past few years, also engaging with three actions and demanding refunds and compensation for users bothered by glitches. A matter that also became political until Minister Giorgetti two years ago called In the misery, the top management of DAZN speaks for the contract change in the current season (the famous stop to dual users) and for the chronic grievances. Bad services, for which DAZN was recalled by the minister a few months ago Pursue he was born made in Italy Adolfo Urso to provide clarifications. This is just part of the DAZN story that we have relied on despite the countless technical, economic and commercial problems it has caused Italian soccer fans.

A “race” to the top

Despite the worrying price increase, which was raised to 29 euros per month per league last season, DAZN has not stopped reporting some problems in recent weeks: First, the drastic drop in subscribers in the period from June to August – understandable when only summer friendlies are shown on TV. And to try to solve this problem, let’s ignore the fact that DAZN has been offering the option to pause the summer subscription here for the past few days The streaming company announced new increases.

The purpose of the new price list, which is obviously going up, is precisely to discourage users from pausing their subscription over the summer.

€40 for the “Basic” season tickethowever, without the possibility of interrupting it in the summer period; 30€ selection of annual billing. And what about the “Plus” version, which guarantees that you can use the application on two different devices at the same time? Option also offered by DAZN, initially free of charge, then for a fee since last year: 55€ Decision to be able to deactivate everything during the three summer months e 45€ Pay for everything in one installment. “How human you are!”Fantozzi would say.

Pay more, see more?

Another price increase is difficult to justify, especially not with the official note from DAZN: “New content is in the pipeline, including Italian and European rugby and basketball.” On the other hand, in no particular order: the Wheel of buffering Video continues to be a staple; The link before the game takes place two to three minutes after kick-off; Last but not least, some commentary on Serie A and most of the other competitions (including the Italian one) comes from the Milan studio and not on the pitch. Why should we pay more when practically nothing has changed since last season?

While Abodi, Lotito and Gravina are still cheering for the new one Law against piracy, convinced that the famous “Pezzotto” is the only evil of our football, how could anyone even think of waging a war against illegal streaming by choosing to keep increasing prices?

DAZN’s price increase: a sinking ship

The reality is that this ship is sinking and the facts prove it. The Serie A league is barely making ends meet, and to the question of TV rights still falter on the high seas, between the excessive demands of the league, to say the least, and the prudence of DAZN, Sky, Mediaset, Amazon, who are certainly not ready to faint for a product that will never justify the billion and more set by the “Serie A product” – Serie A, by the way, which many had been mistaken that it could rise after the results of the Italians in Europe, and which instead also this year a conquering land of the summer transfer market is.

To cover the physiological decline in subscribers, caused both by illegal streaming and by the fatigue of many viewers, exhausted and bled dry by the continuous and brutal rise in prices – even considering the streaming platform’s range of services, which is certainly not up to date – in short, to manage all this and also to compensate for Tim’s departure from the scene, DAZN does nothing but Continuous relaunch with rising prices, by sending emails to its subscribers that now have the same impact as those of the Revenue Agency. For the umpteenth time, it seems that fans and supporters must save this ship and accept the mistakes, underestimates and inadequacies of presidents and television networks.

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