There are no straight streets in Vallecas

History, philosophy and (new) battles of Rayo Vallecano.

Football without fans is nothing. This iconic phrase from Jock Stein, which you’ve probably read on some banners around the world, perfectly sums up fans’ sense of vindication towards modern football. While the mantra of profit logic rages among the clubs and tries to marginalize their role, The fan defends himself by anchoring himself in his values ​​and his history. Besieged by a system that wants to turn him into a consumer, he tries to defend himself in the place he knows best: the stands. Li can still protect his identity.

But what happens when those in power decide to attack that identity head-on through repeated humiliations, dirty games and systematic provocations? How vicious does the conflict become, how shameless the offense, that it no longer even needs to be justified? That’s what’s happening here Vallecas, at Rayo’s house, in a symbolic tale of feud between fans and power. A sick story born more than ten years ago.

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