The absolute monarchy of Real Madrid

Through history, tradition, political and divine investiture.

reading The leopard, or traversing the long herald-lined rooms of an ancient palace that now serves as a house museum can cause even the most staunch Republicans to falter. That means allowing yourself to be enchanted Charm of the nobility that once was: the clarity of the porcelain, the sculpted ceilings, the shelves full of prints as high as the walls… Of course, one is under no illusion that it is pure romance, wooden swords crossed in childhood, a mix of fairy tales and nostalgia; And yes, compassion turns to laughter as we witness the virginal display of what’s left of the European aristocracy.

The king is dead, the king will no longer live. Sigh of relief.

And yet there is something terrible about it majestic when this aristocratic power opposes itself to the detriment of everything and everyone, even the spirit of the times, and casts its long shadow on what surrounds it. From a sporting perspective, this is undoubtedly the case Real Madrid, a monarchical team in the truest sense of the word, which dominates despite all constraints, symbol par excellence of the conservative tradition in a football that, to paraphrase Longanesi, perhaps doesn’t have much left to preserve. It’s constitutional, so to speak.

It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century through the intuition of Julian Palaciosa mining engineering student, in his twenties, was introduced by some English colleagues to this new sport, which is becoming increasingly popular in Spain under the name balompie. A group needs to be put together, and Julián is putting it together soon. Then you need a field, and Julián always gets a rectangle of grass from his father-in-law on which he can have fun Pelotawhich essentially gives its name to a team that, in the very early stages, is nothing more than a bunch of guys kicking leather on the pitch.

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