Stefano Casiraghi, beauty is tragic

I love life so much that you find death.

Beauty is fatal and almost becomes an affront to the gods: Stefano Casiraghi His hair was thick and shiny, the cheekbones smooth enough to make Adonis pale, the perfection of his features and the divine rhythm of his movements. A noble beauty, composed but immeasurable, an almost excessive refinement that was finally achieved in his marriage to Caroline of Monaco, the year of grace in 1983. Carolina is great and deadly, daughter of the equally great and deadly Grace Kelly, who died tragically the year before: the pen of Stenio Solinas captures all her charm and writes in an elegant article

“If you don’t know what Caroline of Monaco was between the ages of sixteen and twenty, you don’t know her.” Sweetness of life».

The sweetness of life lies in the enchanting eyes of Stefano Casiraghi, who becomes restless and swirling in his passions. Comasco, born in September 1960 to entrepreneurs from Brianza, immediately showed that the Cursus Honorum, reserved for the offspring of good families, was not his: he enrolled at Bocconi, but did not complete his studies because The university anesthetizes vitalism and academic boredom depresses the mind (let’s quickly remember that Papini whereby the schools were qualified as “Privileged factories of state idiots“).

Casiraghi prefers speed, competitiveness, life and can be pursued on a jet ski on Lake Como, a very personal place where one can satisfy his futuristic vitality and the innate D’Annunzio sportsmanship: “in the young man by Fino Mornasco – Solinas remarks again – There was a Pirandellian crazy string in the name of speed, risk, competition». So in 1984, after a few years as an amateur, Casiraghi entered the world of offshore motorboating, today’s Class One, offshore motorboat racing.

He made his debut in Tullio Abbate’s team race with the “Sun International” in events at national level, he won the “100 Miglia del Lario” in quick succession and later the stage “Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio” (his participation). also deserves mention at the Paris Dakar 1985). Passion becomes the driving force of existence in him, The fascination with danger keeps him alive compared to a role consisting of ceremonies and formalities Carolino – renamed like this – wants to emancipate himself:

“Nothing will convince me to stop racing. My wife respects my ideas, I respect hers. If anything ever happens, this is what it will mean it had to happen», he explains.

Meanwhile, Offshore enjoyed great popularity thanks to the typical prosperity of the period and the participation of well-known faces, including Adriano Panatta; In 1989, in Atlantic City, Stefano Casiraghi scored a crucial penalty and won the World Cup, thanks to ruthless management bordering on insanity.

He then decided to retire, he admitted it to relatives and friends, but in 1990 he wanted to run one last time to say goodbye as a winner. The competition takes place on October 3rd Monte Carloin his house, and Casiraghi wants to end his career with the World Cup, which according to a journalist “morally it belongs to him“. However, the weather conditions are not favorable, the wind is strong enough to force some crews to retreat, including that of Vincenzo Polli, who will explain: “After a few jumps of my boat I slowed down, we couldn’t risk it like that. But I saw Casiraghi give his bestsliding into the waves».

“Carolino”, who started the race in eighth place, has no other chance of asserting himself as world champion than first place: he chases after him at 180 kilometers per hour until the waves capsize his catamaran. Co-pilot Patrice Innocenti was thrown out of the cockpit with broken bones Stefano remains lifeless on board, with spine broken by the waves; it will be extracted lifeless after a few minutes.

A mini-documentary that traces Stefano Casiraghi’s “broken fairy tale”.

They were deadly for Stefano Casiraghi the beauty of life and the desire for competitiveness, the moment when what needs to happen actually happens. And the course of fate is always determined by unfathomable signs and coincidences: If he had confessed on the morning of the race that he wanted to change boats and opt for a safer boat, on Wednesday he still did not want the rescue helicopter to make that happen Follow him.

He, a Catholic, used to wear one crucified around the neck which was left lying on the bedside table that day, almost as if defenseless, vulnerable, or «almost as if he wanted me to keep it as a memory of him», his mother will say later.

At the age of thirty, the fate of the entrepreneur from Brianza looked resolved, just as unhappy as that of his beautiful wife, a young woman who had already lost her mother and was now a widow and was so depressed that she left with her three children (also as …) moved back to Provence, beautiful as the sun. The existence of Stefano Casiraghi, too good to be truetoo lively to be alive seemed like a conspiracy impressed upon the sirocco by Euripides, who could do nothing but surrender to the wind.

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