Roma Milan, the difference is in the two squads

The team with the most logic wins.

We’ve been reading about each one since last night. According to some, Mourinho’s Roma, retarded from a physical point of view (this is a fact visible to the naked eye), needs to rediscover the shared sense of purpose that has been his strength in previous seasons: in short, she needs to rediscover her identity. an overused but accurate description of the ideas of a coach whose career is based more on spirit than law. According to others, Milan play fluid and wonderfully contemporary football (that’s true and in line with what we’ve been saying about Pioli’s team for a number of years), where there are no roles because there’s only space to attack, in a perpetual dance of ten pace Elements, whose coordinator acts as a quasi deus ex machina.

All of this is true, but it has nothing to do with it real Difference that currently exists between Rome and Milan (1-2). Before every technical discussiontactical and psychological skills that we should talk about for a moment as if the two roses had been built in summer. The feeling after these three days is that the Cardinale-Moncada couple repeated De Laurentiis-Giuntoli’s plan: to revolutionize without distorting themselves, that is, to evolve. Milan are a side built with purpose and it’s right to give D’Ottavio and Moncada the credit for putting together a formation following the departure of Maldini and Massara (who had also done great work in recent years). very strong And very deepwhere the technical-tactical combinations for Stefano Pioli are similar to those of video games where there are several possible outcomes but always aimed at A only result.

Specifically: We were impressed by the performance of Loftus-Cheek, a player whom Sarri would not have wished for as a post-Milinkovic. The ex-Chelsea player has the physique, technique, personality and dynamism that will only continue to grow as the season progresses, we’re sure. Pulisic has settled in very well and yesterday Leao did what he wanted with poor Celik who is in big trouble. Up front, Milan still have Olivier Giroud, a player who fits into the ‘post-Premier League rebirth’ trend. It’s a stroke of luck to have someone like him at the helm, but Okafor’s appearance on the field when Milan were already in the ten (Tomori was sent off in the 60th minute) drew equally positive reactions from Pioli. He remains solid behind Milan and has the best goalkeeper in Serie A. On the left, they have one of the strongest full-backs in the world (that wing is scary), and in midfield they can count on a player (Reijnders) who is as elegant as concrete: one who is born with a magic wand in hand.

All of this was done by a Poor Rome, without ideas for at least 85 minutes, when he attacked Maignan’s goal with the power of desperation and even scored the 1-2 goal through Spinazzola (92nd minute) – it’s a shame that Milan had ten men for thirty minutes. Lukaku’s entry showed how much Big Rom presented stars and stripes before the game – can help this team increase their center of gravity, be more dangerous up front and play more confidently at the back. Dybala was absent and this is no trivial matter. But Dybala has featured in the Giallorossi’s last 12 official games against José Mourinho, in which Roma have picked up 12 points out of a possible 36 – if you only count the league, that’s 7 points in their last 9 games, minus 4 draws. Only one win (against Spezia in the last championship last year) and 4 losses.

We can talk about game and lack of motivation (because last year this Results coincided with the hottest moment of the European Yellow-Reds Championship), physical fatigue. But there’s more, and again it’s – as in good for Milan – about building – in bad – the rose from that Rome that seems to have no logic.

The 3-5-2 is of course José Mourinho’s form. But who are they external? On the right Celik, Kristensen and Karsdorp, on the left Spinazzola and Zalewski. Little things for a team that relies heavily on the strength of the five when building the game. Absolute chaos reigns in midfield: Aouar is a real player, but he’s as fragile as a feather. Likewise Renato Sanches, the last protagonist of a role that sees in “the one who has one leg and changes the pace” a kind of curse in the shadow of the Coliseum – Rome where you go Take Fratesi. Matic’s departure is harder than Mourinho’s words tried to hide and Paredes can’t suddenly become Daniele De Rossi because he has the number 16 on his shoulders.

So if it’s true that Roma remain one of the best sides in the league with Dybala and Lukaku up front – but both must be doing well – like Matic, leaving Ibanez weighs heavily. N’Dicka doesn’t play If Mourinho didn’t turn it down, he at least postponed it; Smalling seems to be his own deputy at the moment and neither Mancini nor Llorente are aggressive and dynamic players like the Brazilian: the whole squad suffers because Roma are forced to defend deep and when they concede goals they don’t have the power to hold up their defense. So there is a big problem to be solved in goal: but it will be solved here too tomorrow.

When Lukaku arrived in Rome, someone was talking about the Scudetto. The true strength of this team was probably not clear: poorly positioned, with large gaps in several departments and with a few big names who – in a similar context – are in danger of being deceived. With the departure of Tonali and Maldini/Massara, someone else has taken over End Milan as we’ve known them for the past three seasons. In short, before we speak, it would be necessary to clearly analyze the big picture. The truth is that this year Milan will fight for the title until the end and according to the author they are ahead of everyone at the moment. Roma, in turn, will try to advance to the cup where Mou is the king. And in the league? The season is very long and the words take your breath away.

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