Kvaratskhelia is the reincarnation of Gigi Meroni

A romantic reading about a phenomenon of contemporary football.

You see, football without epic is nothing. A goal like Osimhen’s on Friday night wouldn’t be so contrary to the laws of physics if it didn’t have millions of attentive looks – or distracted ones like Consigli new Thomasthat had to be seen to be believed. In games of this kind and others, like Kvaratskhelia’s first goal, we need to embroider a narrative canvas. It happens that a footballer like Gigi Meroni, unknown to the younger generation, fits the analogy better than anyone else – albeit always with a difference – with Kvicha Kvaratskhelia. It’s a nightly thought, ours. It’s probably dictated by the effervescence of the alcohol and the flavors of the tobacco, but the bauddha doctrine of the karma (i.e. reincarnations) remains a matter for illustrious theologians.

The first parallel between the two is Lombrosian: both wear low socks, trademark of a footballing acumen, combined with an excellent technique, but also with an originally lanky gait. Both have that Caucasian hair, that look in their eyes that’s both sweet and determined, from someone whose blood has a destiny greater than that of ordinary mortals. Gigi Garantini up The pressure was the first to mention this parallelism:There are those who say Kakà, those Roberto Baggio, those who go as far as Gigi Meroni, who was physically about half the size of the poor Georgian grenade butterfly”. For Garanzini, too, Kvara is a little bit Maradona and a little bit Cruyff. In order. We stay on Meroni.

But Garanzini isn’t the only one, and he’s certainly not the most convinced (quite the contrary). After and before of him there is Luciano Spalletti, the man who weaned him and welcomed him into his lap and raised him to a superior football. The Napoli coach after beating Sassuolo he said A little word what seemed to most just a happy metaphor:

“Kvarachelia… with its lightness of butterfly if you bring the ball forward, it flutters and changes direction». Farfalla: like the nickname Toro fans gave to Gigi Meroni.

The parallelism grows thick, the great heart of those who see the providence behind the coincidences increase their heartbeat. Almost overwhelmed by the brightness of the imagination, I turned to the Internet to find like-minded people. I found it and it was another revelation: Italic grenadeone Space poetic-nostalgic, striving to see football as an essential event of historical man.

“I like to think I’m tired of walking chickens on clouds, Gigi Meroni thought of doing a second round here, adding a second 7 to his own and slipping into the body of a Georgian with an unpronounceable name».

Wonderful, like the next thought: «Laurentie, to name a not bad one who plays in the same role, is clearly a player from 2023. Gigi Kvara is also clearly not. Light and elusive Caracolla amid muscular and robotic players. A time traveler with socks at half-staff.’ Outstanding, essential, great. Well, let’s correct what was said at the beginning of the article: the purpose of the epic is not simply to give another form to an earth-to-earth phenomenon (literally then), but to preserve it in memory to last forever admit. A bit like what happens in the Mass of the Orthodox, which the Catholics accuse: We do not remember a past event, but we announce a future event.

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