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Cheering as popular culture.

In 1983 mark KnopflerLeader of Dire Straits, releases a single titled Going Home: Theme of Local hero. The song, later the film's soundtrack Local hero by Bill Forsyth, accompanies the protagonist Felix Harper (played by Burt Lancaster) in his Bildungsroman: After being sent to Scotland as a representative of a multinational corporation to work on the construction of an oil pipeline, Harper suddenly discovers that he wants to deny everything: Scotland conquers him and undermines his certainties and enchants him with its landscapes and its beauty.

And as the transformation takes place, Knopfler seems to plumb the depths of the restless soul of the protagonist and the viewer, inviting everyone to pause and reflect to consider the authenticity and harshness of province rediscover one Answer to the evils of modernity and unbridled development. The entirely instrumental song is nostalgically reminiscent of the sounds of traditional Scottish music. It expresses a feeling of liberation and independence, which means connection to one's own homeland and one's own origins. Without knowing it, Mark Knopfler was already composing, with style and intention, the anthem of his favorite team: Newcastle United.

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