Hooligan, Carton Leach’s last word

Leach’s last word, between being and nothing.

As West Ham captain Declan Rice lifted the Conference League trophy to the skies over Prague – the design of the trophy really needs an overhaul – the presenter and keyboards began non-stop narrating the epic of Marc and Blue. These images have made their way into print media, newspapers, television screens and films. In every corner of Italy and Europe, in every stair and curve west ham has increased over the years The amulet for those who seek the essence of the Ultras spirit. The substance of the dreams of desperate and abusive young people – no, in this case no one reads Dostoyevsky, not even Chaucer – that terrified Margaret Thatcher’s England (and now their memory terrifies us, the prodigies of capitalism).

London is the heart of the world. For decades, perfidious Albion has nurtured fashions, cultures, and subcultures that have found their repercussions between Earth’s latitudes and longitudes. Anyone who has worn a Lyle & Scott polo shirt, a Stone Island jacket or a pair of Adidas Spezial can feel the chills the rules throw at them in the stands. That becomes, lost in the foam of a cup, of enforce the law of his own group. And as West Ham rose to the top of Europe, the image of Carlton Leach became ever more vivid and ever more legendary.

who is Carlton Leach? One of the heavyweights of British hooliganism. Altaforte Editions He took it to Italy and, we won’t tell you how, divided the Italian literary market in two.

hooligans. The last word (240 p.; €20.00), the translation of an in-house production The last word (just released, it was the best-selling text on Amazon in the UK for two days), is the History without discounts of those who did not apply discounts to nobody. Least of all for yourself. Top boy they would say with a Cockney accent, we also subscribe to it under the madunina. Carlton went through the ’70s with rock-hard hands, together with his father he experienced the absolute hedonism of the ’80s, only to continue in the superficial essentialism of the ’90s. On Twitter he is a star with 140 characters, between nostalgia, the eternal fight against modern football and old memories. Can’t fade

«I don’t think I’m saying we always come out on top!». True, sincere, real. «All fans fought tough battles across the country at times We’ve been defeated, other times we’ve emerged victorious, but both times it’s been bloody great». A seesaw where everything goes up, everything goes down, everything spins fast in youth’s eternal challenge to life.

“I’ve never regretted it in a million years!The stands where I once roamed they had made the man who i am today

The stadium as a training unit, the stadium as a regiment of wandering souls, the stadium as a free metallic form for men seeking urban combat. «There is no doubt in my mind: the men I have fought side by side and against them are the same men who That’s what you would do if we ever went to war». Here they are, à la guerre comme à la guerre. Between brick and concrete, the tribalism that has permeated the planet finds its forms of rebellion around a green rectangle.

Carlton in the UK is something of a guru. Over time, these legends have emerged from various groups of fans, catechizing the football of the fans. Transfers, buses, trains, cars, collisions and vitality. At this point in the text everyone is waiting for ICF and Cass Pennant to appear, but Bill Gardner and his staff have always been here. Between the lines of this passage, between the attacks on public safety on horseback. Between the cells that smell of piss, between the desire to surface. Under the boroughs of London, under the violence of gang against gang.

Here’s what ishooligans. Are you still looking for a feeling? Something that burns the skin like knuckles on the face? Here he is on the pages of Carlton Leach and his films. his first book musclehas also become a film production. Rise of the Foot Soldier. soccer soldiers. Year 2007 with Ricci Harnett as Carlton Leach and that’s it so iconic, so damn nihilistic turning these men, these muscles, these tendons into Nietzsche’s mad and lucid dream mixed with Stirner’s solipsistic myth.

“You say that the good cause justifies even war? And I tell you: the good warsanctify every thing”.

Thus spoke Zarathustra

On the other hand, Prague-born Franz Kafka wrote that a book has to be like thisan axefor the frozen sea that is within us. This is the text of Carlton Leach in a nutshell. A dice roll in the darkness of existence. Two times six or two times one. Do we spot it on the next street corner, panting after countless cigarettes and one beer too many, do we launch another assault on our dreams, or was it just the rival fans in a night of sirens and police? Who knows, oh yes, Carlton Leach, the hooligan who puts an end to the useless football discussions in the summer. It’s better to fight for an idea, but that’s not so bad for the club.

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