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Pep’s City wins the reigning chaos in the Champions League.

While be City lifted the trophy from their big ears, Guardiola had lost sight. He stuttered nervously and almost seemed to be directing his parents on how to arrange themselves at the moment of the celebration – where eventually each pattern melts into one another and the joy washes away the strains of the tension accumulated up to that point. Happyof course, but also Solitaire and Finale, Guardiola was almost dazed by his fame. He’s finally done it, Mr Pep. More than a billion spent in six years, two Champions League finals and as many semifinals: he pursued them for a long time, it had become an obsession. And he won it Eupalla if you likein the least Guardiolian way.

“We used to be a disaster when we could have won, now everything is wonderful but we could have lost.” I’m happy to have received that heights».

pep GuardiolaSky Sports, 06/10/2023

Not only did City not dominate yesterday as expected the night before – and yet the same pathetic statements practical of the Catalan coach – but he has even suffered. He had been kneeling in front of his bench, Pep, when in the 58th minute Bernardo Silva and Akanji combined in a disaster that reflected the short arm his boys had held up to that moment. While Haaland and De Bruyne (who retired after 30 minutes through injury) played hide and seek, Inter grew and explored both the central part of the field and the flanks with quality. And only Lukaku’s laziness bothers – too a fair amount of ass on the occasion of Lukaku’s crossbar/parry at Dimarco’s action – this allowed City (in the lead thanks to Rodri’s big plate in the 67th minute) to win the Champions League without losing a single time.

So Pep can enjoy his well-deserved vacation. He won a Cup of Merit, more for the path he’s traveled over the years than for it The Singles champions where he’s never met opponents that were truly a match for him. Speaking of which, Inter ended the game – with all due respect – with the likes of Bellanova, Darmian and D’Ambrosio on the field. in summary, Inzaghi had already largely performed the miracle To get there and play with so much presence in a final that on paper seemed without contradiction. There was a story and Inter appeared as the protagonists of the story. But in the end like Pep said

«This competition is a coin», unpredictable to the last and therefore all the more exciting. It wasn’t a spectacular final, quite the opposite: it wasn’t even an exciting final, from the pitch to the stands.

In terms of fans, Inter had no rivals and that was to be expected. But allow us one dissatisfied comment on the “celebrations” of the city ​​fans. Already unexcused absences for every 90 minutes, they celebrate the most important title of their (far from glorious) history with trembling apathy. A vivid picture of upcoming football. While Benzema was presented with great pomp (sic!) at a remote Saudi Arabian club, an Arab club lifted the most important and coveted intercontinental trophy for the first time in history: the Champions League. While we wait to understand the developments of the Nerazzurri possessions, which appear to be being closely watched by an Arab fund, next year’s Champions League will see these fragrant coasts’ holdings grow to three: City, already a huge favourite, PSG and newcastle It’ll be fun and talkative in a competition that demonized the Super League by inheriting its core principles.

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