Hamburg vs. St. Pauli, two different worlds

One of the most fascinating derbies in Germany is held in Hamburg.

In Hamburg the assumption is for this Football is a national sport emerges in all its social and cultural significance. The fans In fact, the two city teams represent the added value and the strongest identity element of the respective clubs, albeit for different reasons: here, in Germany’s second largest city, in one of the most developed ports in Europe, football beliefs are largely divided (albeit with different sizes ) between Hamburger SV and Sankt Pauli.

The center of the city is the Reeperbahn. The famous Red Light District, also known as The most sinful mile, or “the most sinful mile,” is the epicenter of Hamburg. However, the Reeperbahn is not just the main street of the St. Pauli district, but the place where (almost) everything happens: Concerts, pleasure, nightlife, clashes, parties, demonstrations. Originally created as a free zone where newly landed sailors could “ease their burdens,” today it has not lost the transgressive spirit that makes it fascinating – and a little disturbing – at the same time.

“It is Hamburg today, yesterday and tomorrow. It’s quiet, sometimes dirty. Delicately scented, but dripping with sweat.

“Hamburg: The city derby”, From Sebastian Stafford-Bloor (The Athletic)

In addition to the notorious spots of sexual depravity, the neighborhood offers countless entertainment options. One thing above all: the music. It’s in clubs like thatIndraThe Kaiserkeller and that Top ten clubs from St. Pauli that the Beatles were taking the first steps of their astonishing career: the frequent appearances on Teutonic soil at the beginning of the 60s were in fact the springboard that brought them into contact with Brian Epstein, the future manager who then laid the foundation for them for her career paved the way to global success.

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