And the era of sandwiches came

Phenomenology of a subculture.

Leaving aside the ideological ambitions and tantrums of the post-war period, Italy gave itself over to globalization in the 1980s, seduced by the caresses of the light force They come from overseas and are probably unaware of the anthropological mutation taking place. Of every social and sociological transformation of the post-war period Milan was the beginning and the epicenter: from the massacre at Piazza Fontana to Tangentopoli, through the leaden years to the fashions shine who could only be born in this city so greedy for hedonism and vanity.

On the other hand, Italy is committed and engage it grew tired of itself, and on the big screen the Vanzinas, the Germis and the Scolas began to take flight with the Cinepanettoni, which quickly made the Cineforums forget. We loved each other so muchMaybe it's true, but then Craxi sent Nenni into retirement, Berlinguer declared himself safer under the NATO umbrella and then we all put on our jeans and made love to Uncle Sam more than to Grandpa Marxunfaithful to the line, but orthodox in flowing back into the private sphere.

With the most urgent needs now satisfied, the new media sparked new trends and endless consumption: a brilliant era of careerism and ostentation began, for which the Yuppies they joined forces The Sandwichesdifferent in style, but united by exhibitionism and swagger…

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