Football stew stuns the fans

Unprecedented football bulimia is expected next season.

The football stew will reach its final evolution, complete and definitive form from next season, to the delight of TV channels and platforms. In fact, there seems to be some confirmation of the indiscretion he reported football and finance a week ago, after which the Serie A league and top clubs they would agree to make the now famous and ominous football stew a standard, a law new constitution Football (re)founded on TV rights to the detriment of the fan (consumer).

If the games played on Friday and Monday were alternatives to each other until last season and were not always available in the calendar, they will be fixed from next season.

It actually aims to do that completely eliminate the concurrency of gameswhich has so far partially survived in the old and dear 3 p.m. time, but which, with this new reform, is in serious danger of disappearing completely and completely destroying our football chopped up. One match per day is played on each day of the week during European Cup weeks unprecedented football bulimia. To get a fuller picture, from the 2024/25 season the Champions League will change its format and become bigger, so in addition to the Italian Super Cup, which will feature four teams instead of the usual two, even more games will be featured from this season , not to mention the 32-team Club World Cup that starts in two summers, the legendary Nations League matches and even the UEFA CONMEBOL Club Challenge – between the winner of the Europa League and the winner of the corresponding competition in South America.

However, the question spontaneously arises: the indigestion of (almost) daily calcium does not make you nauseous in the long run (unless it is already partly the case). happens)?

According to Auditel data, the number of football spectators in Italy has increased from over 6 million in January (6.3 million to be precise) to less than 4.5 million (4.4 million) in May, for a total of almost two in just a few months Millions of users have been lost. In May 2022, the average number of viewers was almost 7 million. Other than “Football is back”: The situation is worrying for DAZN and Co.

ALL FOOTBALL will no longer exist after 61 years. Instead, there will be 10 full radio commentaries. Everything changes and nostalgia is a bad guide. But I wonder if that’s what the fans want.

Riccardo Cucchi / Twitter

While ‘Generation Z’ would much rather watch the highlights than an entire game, the older generation have now indulged in the possibility that the football they have come to love can seek even the slightest rational change, aside from that of liking television , platforms and sponsors. Maybe we’ll go back to a less obese but more humane football. Where it is necessary to miss something in order to fully enjoy what is experienced.

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