All we were missing was Fabrizio Corona

A new way of doing journalism.

A lot has already been said about the “betting case” that has silently gathered dark clouds over Italian football in the last few hours: there has been talk of the ethics of the football system, of the morality of individual players; about how easy it is in the age of the Internet to bet even large amounts in complete anonymity, and about the objective responsibility of the clubs. However, no one has yet focused on how the news was spread.

There are never any limits to the worst

After the TikTokers, Cassano and “erFaina”, who reinvented themselves as a “transfer market expert” as a lighter thrower, now joins the circus of sports media history, which has never been sufficiently crowded Another guest: Fabrizio Corona. We were naive and convinced that the worst was over and we couldn’t go any deeper: and yet here we are, with a mythomaniac and convicted felon paparazzo capable of “dictating the agenda” to Italian football and “holding him hostage for a whole week and threatening”its closure“after his “investigation, the largest in thirty years”.

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To be clear: With Corona, we are not denying the news. This also includes doing “journalism”, spreading news that – if confirmed – can shake the system and, if necessary, even ruin careers. It is the act that is contestable, not the action. In the same social networks, Corona and his employees play between one announcement and another a real “Totonomist”not even if it was bingo at home: and the next name drawn will beStay tuned to my channels to find out. The society of spectacle rose to the height of its decay and degradation, all in the pride of teaching “journalism lessons.”

But to whom? And above all: how? Through exposure to a persistence Are the actors involved in the affair absurd?

We should remember many cases, including that of Giuseppe Signori, who was first stoned in public, still awaiting his verdict, and then, having been declared innocent, out the front door without the slightest hint of apology was accepted into office. Beyond the news he announced – it should be noted that the investigation was already underway and although Corona undoubtedly had more than a few sources on his side, they would soon be made public – Fabrizio Corona expressed his opinion a very unpleasant media theaterwith newspapers and individual users playing his game, hanging on his every word, waiting for individual names and launching into sickening “Guess who’s there?”

The only one who can gain something from this situation is he, a character who is as pitiful as he is (pathologically) self-centered; He was able to mock Fagioli for his gambling addiction, as if he could afford to give moral lessons to everyone, since he was used to the practice of extortion and was convicted of attempted extortion. But that’s not even the problem, the problem is the way such a figure has kept the world of Italian journalism under control. The problem is above all the unconditional surrender of the lattera weathervane now at the mercy of the worst winds and basest instincts.

A circus with no selection at the entrance, where new acrobats no longer even need special preparation for, say, a jump into the ring of fire. On the other hand, the old world (of sports stories) is dead, the new world is only slowly emerging – in the perhaps illusory hope that it cannot be that of the TikTokers, the Fainas and the Coronas. AND in this chiaroscuroto quote Gramsci, Monsters are born. But the question is one: are we sure that we are not also the monsters where Fabrizio Corona dictates the times and forms of the debate for days?

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