About the basics of martial arts

History of a discipline that is above all ethical.

What distinguishes a martial art from a combat sport or a self-defense method? Is it based on real battles or is it different? The complex of these questions has probably accompanied the path of numerous practitioners and scientists. Many continue to wonder whether at all traditional martial arts You can teach us something else. In fact, wrestling and martial arts seem to offer better preparation than the “old” martial arts. Is it possible that this is really the case? Perhaps. But it is definitely appropriate to make a suggestion some reflections on the nature and fundamentals of martial arts to try to better understand what it really is.

Specifically, we are referring here to the Japanese martial art, which has some peculiarities that distinguish it from Filipino, Malaysian methods or historical European fencing. The term the Japanese use to describe martial arts is Budō (武道) and it is necessary to start with it. Like all Japanese words Budō it consists of several terms and is actually the ideogram BU 武 can be divided into […]

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