The sale of Tonali and the rhetoric of (certain) fans

When nostalgia goes against the evidence.

We have to be honest: what we have read from various Milan fans in the last few hours about the (almost official) sale of Tonali, among other things criticism towards the club and even blames the player himself, left us perplexed to say the least. Because the impression that many live in a different, idealized and non-existent world is becoming ever clearer.

70-80 million for Sandro Tonali an out-of-market offer, absolutely broken for the player in question. Even the most military of presidents could not refuse at this historic moment. A rating that is probably double the player’s “real” value, considering that a plus in Tonali’s performances in Milan was guaranteed precisely by his association with the Rossoneri colors.

This isn’t about Moneyball, Americans, flags, it’s about an unmissable offer.

Which, in this case, Tonali will accept not only for himself but also for the good of Milan, who can at least rebuild a few departments with this money. There is no technical, tactical or even less economic logic that lasts. There is only sentimental logic. But allow us: we are on the front line to defend the last remnants of our identity in an increasingly globalized and fluid football that is now dominated only by the economic finance approach and has therefore embraced the deadly ideology of the “show” – that is the football show is already an oxymoron in itself, but for those who grew up in these noisy and empty times it’s hard to explain.

But if you can’t understand that Milan MUST sell Tonali for 70-80 million then it means you are unaware of the world and football we live in. When feelings have the last word, you have to do it Putting the idea of ​​a top club on hold, at least accept a diminutive from a more identity-based but less successful point of view. And if the heart rules, one should even have the courage to leave this industry, form the United of Manchester and start over from football (but even more from the core values).

You can’t want Milan to win and in the meantime blame the owners or the player himself for accepting such an offer, that’s a contradiction in terms. Flags are gone, we complain, but have we noticed now? AND Have we ever wondered why they don’t exist anymore? It’s too easy to blame spoiled and money-obsessed footballers for the crisis of values.

It’s the general system in great contemporary football that no longer allowed the existence of flags.

At this point, instead of reviving the old pledges of allegiance of the player in question – in this case the words fished out by some fans to explain Tonali that he only wants Milan – or attacking the properties to accept off-market offers, we can only Look at the reality of things without prejudice. And look at yourself in the mirror beforehand. With all our hypocrisies and contradictions.

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