Ferrero, Bandecchi and Guida: poor Ternana!

Between the rays of the sun and the theater let us pray for Ternana.

In the last days. At Terni, a confusing, chaotic situation has arisen, the outlines of which seem downright grotesque. And in Italian football, when it comes to the grotesque, he can only join in: Massimo Ferrero. After ratifying the transfer of ownership of Ternana by Stefano Bandecchi (now mayor of the city, sic!). Nicholas guide, in the Umbrian club he actually came on the stage: “er viperetta”, this Massimo Ferrero, who we got to know well at Sampdoria Genoa. The new president would therefore have asked his friend and Roman entrepreneur for help to rebuild from scratch the company sold by Bandecchi, who wanted to retain the title of honorary president and 5% of the club’s shares.

All against all

Ferrero’s arrival at the scene was announced with a purely Fantozzian press release: “recognize the experience and expertise of Massimo Ferrero in football club management (!!!, ed.), pharmaceutical leader undertakes to establish a professional collaboration between the aforementioned and Ternana Calcio, concerning the technical and sporting management of Ternana Calcio, the sale and purchase of players and the financial recovery of the aforementioned company.

We’ll let you imagine fan reactionunderstandably rioted, with a riot and protest thickening the red-green cheer.

The president of the club, however, did not want to hear any reasons, but instead invited Ferrero and the mayor Bandecchi for a personal “visit”. the lawn of the Free Liberati Stadium. The reason for this inspection? In the general confusion, sporting director Stefano Capozucca, after some disagreements with Guida, is said to have accused Guida of ignoring the serious problems related to the conditions on the field, which, as Terni assures, is not to be underestimated for a football team, a problem in dissolution.

one man show

Is there a better reason to put the little viper back in the spotlight? So here it is Photo together with Bandecchipublishes interviews declaring that he was wanted and wanted at all costs by his friend Guida and sends “love messages” to the fans who hate him: “It’s not true that the fans don’t want Ferrero (One appeared under the clubhouse banner against his presence)… and as for Sampdoria, her fans love me» (to the point that he has made multiple death threats and launched an unprecedented protest in recent months).

But in the days that followed, the situation became even more Kafkaesque. Ferrero will be seen at the venue from Ternana (9 August); The fans mobilize and, to avoid trouble, he is forced to flee with a trick worthy of a real cinema man: he sends an empty car ahead, then flees in the opposite direction, towards the train station. Guida, the club’s president, backed down and announced this Massimo Ferrero will not work with and for Ternana. And so it comes to an open war between declarations, denials, theatrical pranks and pure situationism.

Ferrero is interviewed by Radio Cusano Campus, wave a contract as an employee with a lot of company cars and credit cards; Then the statement of his (ex-)boyfriend Drive bubbles out as “the effect of sunstroke”.

He claims to be at the center of the project – like virtually every person with the power to make decisions about purchases and sales at a football club – while Society denies any relationship. In the middle are the poor fans who at least want to understand – before they despair: an official press release, a single version, the clarity of the company structure. The role of a man who has no connection to the city or the club other than his “friendship” with Guida and who risks bankrupting one of the longest-lived clubs in Italian football and who, instead of being banned from every sporting event, goes back on stage – arises due to unclear personal relationships.

All of this gives the impression that the telenovela of the grotesque in Terni is far from over. And that a similar story between omnipotence-mad presidential mayors and Ferrero-like characters who magically stand out is perhaps only possible in our latitudes, those of an increasingly less credible Italian football, with all due respect blacklist‘ the FIGC (we’ll get to that soon). A story that would also make you laugh if only it didn’t make you cry. And reflect.

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