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Spalletti not only has to train, but also fight.

The 4-0 win against Malta – Italy had not won by more than two goals since 1993 – certainly did not deceive us about the outcome of the big game against England at Wembley. On the other hand, Spalletti’s own statements were of a Coverciano immersed in the gloomy atmosphere of a very inferior Italian television series network: «I don’t want to practice alibis. I don’t ask for more than what is available to me. When you coach a national team you can find whatever you want and Italy always offers elements that allow comparison with everyone.”

He then added that he would clarify the situation after Bari’s victory at Wembley Stadium National team prospects.

Which, in the author’s opinion, are not too trite. They deserved to end the first half with the lead and Italy needs to take the lead again. The general shutdown in the second half was serious, but was certainly highlighted by itimmense technical quality of England’s attack, unsurprisingly the most valuable national team in the world. Maybe the fear comes from here: against a strong team, but one that has a lot to envy us on a historical level, The comparison seemed merciless at times.

Given the age (minor) and international experience (ridiculous) of many elements, it wasn’t a particularly daunting evening. Italy fielded an eleven in London with four under-25s, excluding Donnarumma. We’re still in the experimental phase, it’s only Spalletti’s fourth game on the Azzurri bench, but the Wembley team have seen themselves on the pitch due to the importance of the stakes and the stage Udogie, Scalvini, Frattesi, Scamaccawhich will probably be part of the framework of future meetings.

Italy: passed, failed, postponed

Scamacca was the most anticipated. The chronic absence of an Italian number nine of international significance is well known and the Roman centre-forward is expected to enjoy a breakthrough season. He’s still lacking minutes and after an excellent start peppered with a goal, he faded, which is pretty predictable considering it was his second start since the injury, but you get the feeling Due to his age and his physical and technical characteristics, he is predestined to be the future blue center forward. Spalletti has always worked obsessively on the nines, and if the team accelerates certain automatisms and a certain cleanliness in the passes, we would not be surprised to see Scamacca make similar movements to Osimhen in the future, hopefully with similar capabilities.

A goal at Wembley gives you confidence. Injuries permitting, Scamacca’s playing time will remain consistent a month from now, and his starting lineup against Macedonia and Ukraine in November cannot be ruled out. Udogie’s suggestion is interesting and is preferred over Dimarco. The Tottenham winger, despite being inaccurate at times like all of his colleagues in the department, showed a different pace compared to his team-mates – perhaps unsurprisingly, Udogie played like most of his Premier League opponents last night. His dynamism will come in handy.

Defense was the least fortunate note of the evening. Certain automatisms are difficult to find with so little time available, especially for a coach like Spalletti, who emphasized that he is a coach who gets the best out of his teams through obsessive work on the pitch: “I don’t agree with those who that is what the trainer has to deal with. He has to get along like everyone else, If the coach wants to do something different, he must also know how to train, and we try to do it. Scalvini, who stumbled upon a horror evening, has to work. However, Serie A pitches are not full of people of the caliber of Bellingham and Kane, and it is entirely understandable that the young Atalanta defender is not yet used to tackling a player of this caliber with the necessary quality due to a lack of experience.

However, at 19 years old, the youngest Italian on the pitch has already started four games in the blue jersey. He is not yet able to provide the security expected of an Italian national team centre-back in games of the highest importance, but there is no other way to achieve this than to prove himself in such contexts. Much of the national team’s fate will depend on his development and the understanding between him and Bastoni. However, both Atalanta and Inter play with 3, and as a replacement in a 4-man defense, Romagnoli or Casale could be more than useful (if only they were called up). Because if you don’t concede goals, you don’t lose, and Italy has built most of its successes on this dogma. The midfield and attacking wings have all received major overhauls, but at these levels the absences are significant.

A generation weak

On the one hand, Bellingham, Rashford, Foden. On the other hand, Cristante, Berardi, El Shaarawy. 68 years in three years with eager performances in the Champions League as protagonists of the English, 87 years and careers that have been dragged out by the Azzurri, to say the least. It would have been interesting to have Tonali, Zaniolo and Chiesa compete against them. And this is where things get grotesque. The circus of the last few days has been talked about ad nauseum and there is no need to dwell on it in these columns. However, we have already spoken about the extreme, organic and contagious mental fragility of this generation of footballers. Contrary to popular belief, it is certainly not necessary to be mentally strong to be a good or even excellent player.

Talent can make up for it, at least to a point. Maradona and George Best were able to confirm it. But you have to reach certain peaks before you screw everything up more or less prematurely. The prospect of losing even a call-up for a game of this caliber should terrify a professional, especially a young one. Not to mention a disqualification for months, if not years. The last six schizophrenic years of the national team have proven one thing unprecedented crisis of stability, clarity and morale, Choice, self-sacrifice, pride and self-respect.

While the technical level of the early 1910s was pathetic, the most talented subsequent generation, today’s 27/30-year-olds and under, are dramatically lacking in reference points and are victims of a disorientation that they are trying to combat as best they can by between them juggles virtual worlds and profiteers of all kinds. Since it is a social problem, the discussion is certainly not limited to football, but if we talk about football, this internal smallness has cost the national team the participation in two World Cups serious shadows cast on the careers of some of Italy’s best talentsprovided that the hard-working Corona, Pulitzer nominee for investigative journalism, does not reveal the names of other gambling addicts, real or suspected, in the near future.

We wouldn’t want to be in Spalletti. The crossroads lies in between Roulette castle of the memory of Dostoyevsky and the European Championships next June, preferably as protagonists, the only possible compensation for this dark blue jersey. There is certainly still a lot to do in this area, but the path is there and it shows. On the mental and moral side, there is something extraordinary to be done.

“It was traumatic, we felt bad. But we accepted them. The children involved were devastated. When a group sticks together and plays games like this, important relationships are always formed. There is relational footballbased on human relationships, sometimes couples of footballers with characteristics that wouldn’t marry well do excellent things because they understand each other on the human side.”

You can also recognize a good craftsman by his knowledge of the tools he has. In addition, Spalletti also has the task of repairing very beautiful and very broken devices. A double job that he fortunately seems to be enthusiastic about. If he knows how to hit the right notes, both on the pitch and in the minds and hearts of the Azzurri, we as a national team will also have a dream in our hearts again.

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