Triestina is the history of Italy

105 years ago, an association was founded that got to the heart of the history of the 20th century.

Stadion Giuseppe Grezar of Trieste, named after the fellow citizen who died in the Superga massacre – already renamed “Del Littorio” in the twenty years – is located in the Valmaura area and represents the historical structure of the city. In 1946, however, it was only called “Comunale”.“, and with its just over six thousand seats, it had the honor of hosting within its walls matches of two championships of different nations.

In fact, at that time Triestina was not the only team playing its home games there, but paradoxically found itself in company withPonziana amateursa group of citizens who, however, fought in the opposite area Yugoslav League Thanks to funding from Belgrade. So for three years the public was able to witness the exploits of Milan, to those of Red Star, from the champions of Juventus to those of Vojvodina of the very young Vujadin Boskov. This is just a taste of the intense and controversial history of this part of the territory, hotly contested and at the center of fragile dynamics between the Allies and the Soviet bloc.


The city of Trieste had already had one for several centuries a crucial role on the European stage. Due to its characteristic location as the last European bastion before its leap into the Balkans, it has often been involved in the geopolitical strategies of the various powers (the main point of contention has always been its large port overlooking the Adriatic). As a result, as is the case in important maritime areas, an invasion occurred Peoples, languages ​​and religions This contributed to the creation of a passionate cosmopolitan center made up of Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, English, Jewish and Greek communities, to name just the most important…

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